The game main focus was spotted on the graphics and animations as a whole. So you will be experiencing something that has nothing like it in the mobile stores for now as an RPG type.

Walk through tons of stories as they have created a special and detailed story for each hero in the game. And it is suggested to collect all the heroes in the game and enjoy the great storyline. You may learn more about the storyline later on here, but for now it is advised to get the Lionheart Dark Moon cheats as a starter pack.

Lionheart Dark Moon was created and released by “Emerald City Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and used on Android and IOS stores.

This game is considered to be one of the highly rated games out there, so if you are using an old device. We are sorry to tell you to skip it and look for any similar games at our website here.

You must have an Android 6.0 version and up to get it started, and to run it smoothly. We are speaking here about a high end device. Learn more about the gameplay by reading the following review.


The story is going in a magical place. That is considered to be a doorway, of sorts. Where the spirits of the world can be sensed and with the right key, summoned!

To keep it safe, an order known as the vault keepers was founded. And a walled city built around it to enhance the defenses as well. For a thousand years, the order kept watch. Until one night, during a lunar eclipse…something evil game knocking!

And in those moments, the last vault keeper had only one thought: Protect the vault at any cost.



Quick Intro.

Before we get deeper into the gameplay principles, you must understand the game main requirement to get it started, which is an active internet connection.

Do not panic if the game has elapsed few minutes at the first time you are starting it. That is normal because it will be setting up few files and if there was an update as well that could take longer.

Now you must be eager to know the storyline and the foundation of the game as a whole. And that is going to become our main thing in the next segment.

Understand The Heroes Types.

There are several types of heroes in the game, so you need to understand the different types. Which means knowing their pros and cons so you would be able to assemble them correctly at the battlefield. Use our Lionheart Dark Moon cheats for this purpose.

Overview of The Combat Phase.

This is going to become your first combat introduction with the game, so we will be mainly speaking only the basics and there will be extra set of Lionheart Dark Moon tips as well in between the lines.

You can find your special attacks located on the bottom left corner of the screen, and since this is your first battle ever. Then you will find the vault slash which will slash an enemy for high damage.

But as you progress forward and get deeper with the Lionheart Dark Moon hack service, there will be more skills getting unlocked and new heroes as well.

Several Attacking Techniques to Choose from.

We did not complete the combat phase yet, and there are still many things are missing. For example: to issue an attack order, you have to tap over the enemy unit to set a singular attack. But sometimes the numbers will be too high for a single attack.

That is when the group attack will come into service. Tapping over the three targets and selecting the right attacking skill and it will distribute the damage over them.

Of course the single target attack technique is much stronger and will enhance your winning chances. But if start using Lionheart Dark Moon hack, I think that could be changed!

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