If you are looking for a game that would get your little kids hooked up into all the day, then without a second thought, this is going to become the #1 on the top of their favorite games list in no time.

This is the second version of the game, it is much more enhanced and improved in all of the terms related to the gameplay. Even the graphics, the colors are astonishing, your kids will love it definitely.

Of course they will start searching for a way to unlock the full ponies, and unfortunately it could only be done by using the credit card, so you should expect them to waste out all your cash on the game, unless you follow our advice.

Activate the My Little Pony Rainbow Runners cheats service and unlock the full ponies for free, all you have to do is to click on the link shown here and see the magic happens. Totally secured and guaranteed.

My Little Pony Rainbow Runners was created and published by “Budge Studios” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform out there.

Quick and Small Intro.

A small cinematic video is waiting for at the starting scene of the game. it will show you the original story of the game and how this all has started. There are not much of talk but we will give you a brief about the full story in our My Little Pony Rainbow Runners guide.

A weird creature enters the library seeking for a special potion, but he finds out a secret recipe that will attract all the ponies from all over the world into the place, and that is when your mission begins. Read more about the gameplay and controls on the next segment.

Simple Controls That Fits Any Age.

Reading this will not only help you to understand the game basics, it will also save you the tutorial time and help you to head directly into the main story without any issues.

Tapping on any part of the screen will make you jump, timing the jumping move with the obstacle you are about to face is a crucial thing to do. Maybe you need to be aware of that pony will start running automatically none stop, so you may consider the game helpful as it will work on your focus system.

The remaining controls and tricks are coming next.



How to Get New Ponies?

A long press on the jumping button will help you to jump for further distance. You can use it when there is a gap between two cliffs or a huge block. Releasing your hands from the screen will result in an interruption of the pony and it will probably fall down, you may consider using My Little Pony Rainbow Runners cheats to get higher and advanced skilled ponies. We will speak in depth about them later on here.

Double Tap to Go Over High Blocks.

Following our detailed My Little Pony Rainbow Runners tips system, is the deal way to achieve the highest records in the game.

So for example, there will be higher blocks that a simple jump will not do the job. That is when the double tapping on the screen function gets to work. With My Little Pony Rainbow Runners hack, you will have a pony that can do things no one could ever do.

Secret Ways TO Become Immortal.

Pick up hearts on your way to this old castle. The hearts will give you another chance to continue from the moment that you have failed.

And not only hearts will help you with your journey, you should also consider the special form, that will help you to fly over obstacles and pick up unreachable coins.

Of course, you can have any number of lives you want and ponies as well with the My Little Pony Rainbow Runners hack service. But do not relay on it too much.

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