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The long awaited matching puzzle game has finally landed into our mobile devices, enjoy playing through various missions and complete them to receive certain rewards, the gameplay is very simple as all you have to do is swipe up with a single finger, consider the Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 cheats to have the ability of purchasing any type of boosters to help you out through this journey.

Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 was created and published by “BitMango” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Quick Intro.

Once you open the game there will not be many options available to pick up from, all you have right there is the play button so tap on it and enter into the challenge right away and waste no more time.

Right here in our Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 guide version, we shall go through the various parts of the gameplay and try to teach you the basics and fast routes to become much more versatile and have the necessary skills to get past the given missions successfully.

Starting now with the first scene of the game where you are supposed to match 3 of the same candies to collect them, swipe up with your finger on an item to move it a single block as it will switch It with the swiped location and that is how every single matching game works and we didn’t find anything special to speak about here, but now you are aware of the basic steps at the gameplay so the time has come to move on the next segment to try to let you understand the advanced movements and plays.



Gameplay Techniques.

Previously we have mentioned that you are supposed to match out three items together at the same line or a row to claim them out but that is only if you are a new player and do not seek very high score points, now with the second option which is matching 4 items together will grant you much higher reward and the score points will not be the same anymore that is why you should consider forming it out, also there will be a line breaker left out after you match 4 items together, and as you can see that the line breaker will destroy an entire line and this means much higher experience and score points will enter your pocket and you should put such a thing into your consideration.

The line breaker working mechanism is a little bit different when its compared with other items, it will destroy a column if it was given a birth from a formation of a column and if it is a row then the line breaker will destroy an entire row, now you are aware of one of the strongest boosters but that is not it as we will go through various boosters.

Guide TO Obtain All Type of Boosters.

The next item after the line breaker that we have got here is the Bomb Lollipop, try to match the items in a T or L shape as this is the only way to create a bomb lollipop, and this is working uniquely when its compared with any other booster here, it will dramatically destroy and entire X direction of items and that is something that is very rare and hard to achieve so follow up our Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 tips with more caution as it will be declaring out the necessary and important steps you must follow in order to form out a Bomb lollipop.

Also you can match 5 in a row for much better version of the bomb but this time we will be calling it a Rainbow lollipop, and this time you should be realizing that the rainbow lollipop will simply destroy the entire map of sweets and let you receive tons of experience points and scouring rating because we are big fans of this special item, try to use Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 cheats as well to benefit from the coins in any other way.



Boosters Powers Explained.

Try to always combine special lollypops for magical results but we will keep this part to later on and we shall not expose all the secrets of the game at once so keep on reading our review.

Entering the settings menu to modify the game, you will find the ability of turning on or off the game music and sounds, we do actually appreciate the idea of splitting out the game sounds and music because these two are completely different settings.

And right below them is the option to enter the How To Play section and learn more about the game in case you were a complete beginner but as you are reading this section right now then this means that there is no need to go through any parts of the game, last feature in the settings menu is the support division, you can contact the support team behind the game and notice them with a certain bug or just leave them a feedback to work on and try to fix it on the next patch coming for the game at the nearest future, and do not forget also to use the Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 cheats to make the game flawless.

Purchase Any Number of Boosters Easily with Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 Hack.

Check out your items section to see how good are you progressing through the game missions as there will be a detailed counting report for each item to keep you updated frequently, but now let’s enter the level 1 mission ever and remember that each mission includes inside the three stars rating system to indicate your own performance at the game either it is good or bad depending on the score board, and the second thing at the starting window that will happen to be there at the very start, you can see the target that you are supposed to achieve in the mission in order to get it completed successfully but that is not everything yet as you will find the option to obtain boosters right before the mission begins, use the Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 hack to have the ability of purchasing any number of boosters.

These boosters that we spoke earlier about are completely related to your level and how far have you gone so far in the mission’s menu, the slots at the first level will come locked up but step after step they will get unlocked totally and with the Lollipop Sweet Taste Match3 hack, you shall dominate the scene entirely and become the king of this small world.



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