Start collecting same colored shapes together and place them together in a cell, this is a highly addictive puzzle game, the LOLO will keep bringing up new challenges and different completions to increase your thinking level dramatically, use the LOLO Puzzle Game cheats as well to smoothen up the challenges by earning extra coins and also remove the game ads which are superiorly annoying since they have no timing and could pop up at your face at any moment during the gameplay.

LOLO Puzzle Game was created and published by “101 Digital Co” and you can be downloaded it on Android or IOS Platforms.

Play in Several Modes.

there are several play modes to choose from, the first one is the regular mode but you will be needing 300 stars to unlock it out, another mode is the spin mode as everything is spinning around it, but the most joyful mode is the time mode as you have to keep playing the game within a time frame and you have to finish it up before the time is over, connect two is another playable mode and we will be going into with details later on, and the last one we got here is the endless mode as you can keep playing it forever without any goal or target to achieve, the LOLO Puzzle Game guide will be explaining all of the modes with details.

Open The Game Daily to Receive Awesome Awards.

Keep opening the game daily in order to receive the daily rewards, and after the 7 days mark the prize will be the biggest and it is very helpful in different stages throughout the game, and now let’s dive into the settings menu, you can be choosing from several languages available there as some people are not used to play with your own native language to feel comfortable whilst playing it, and the game sounds and music can be modified to turn it off in case you do not want to be disturbed, and the last feature we got here and this is the most entertaining one is the night mode, to save your eyes a lot of effort during the night time as you are playing it, read more LOLO Puzzle Game tips for highest results.

Get The LOLO Puzzle Game Hack to Increase Your Coins Resources.

Pay a visit the game shop to purchase some extra coins which are very necessary for your journey and your progression in the various stages but it is always a better idea to obtain the LOLO Puzzle Game hack as it will be saving you tons of money from your pocket, and now let’s take a brief look over the gameplay itself with some helpful details as well, tap on the blocks with the same color as they will get down to single cell with a counter of all the blocks that has been sieged inside a single cell.


Climb Your Way to The Top of the Leaderboards.

The leaderboards has very different system as it has two options to sort the menu from, the first one is based only around the social media accounts to compare your scores between you and your friends only, that Is why you use the LOLO Puzzle Game cheats to become the highest rated player among all of your friends with the minimum effort, and the other option here is the all over the world rankings, it gets you to compare your scores with the all over the world players and show them the best player.

Keep your Eyes Over the Score Counter.

Keep your eyes over the score counter that is located on the right side of the screen, and if you are done with playing the game and want to play another mode click on the pause button to let you get out of the current match you playing in and get back to the main menu.


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