A game that is based mainly on collecting goods and managing your own town fright from the scratch. Becoming a mayor or an elder at the town is only the start…the road is long as your main goal should be always ruling the world.

There are several ways to play the game, either becoming a collector or bring the most valuable items together you ever found. Start trading and doing some business but at the end of the day…we cannot deny that the Lord of Dungeons cheats is such a necessary thing to keep the business rolling.

Lord of Dungeons was created and published by “Two Hands Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

When we speak about the graphics part, we have to mention that the game is pretty much average in such a regard. In addition, you may get it running smoothly on your old device but the performance cannot be on the top notch to be honest.


The civilization collapsed. No one remembers what happened exactly back then in those glorious days…shattered lands, forgotten legends. All of them are waiting for you to rule them out of this chaos and destruction once more and show them the right path to the glory and victory.

Of course, this is going to become such a hard task and we are recommending the new players to start reading the Lord of Dungeons guide to learn more about the depth of the gameplay.

Increasing the Income Instructions.

A quick conversation will be going between Livvi and your assistant. They are talking about how hard it to find dungeons…is keeping in mind that the dungeons are the main source of income in this world. Yourearrings will increase as soon as you discover one.

There are certain locations where the dungeons exist. In addition, we have decided to give our readers a blueprint to the locations of the dungeons on the map by following the Lord of Dungeons tips of ours.

It will help to improve your financial situation and make your standing ground solid.



Keep An Eye over The Main Map.

Game events are happening around you on the map…you must be aware of everything happening there and of course checking the earnings is such an important thing. You have to check on the dungeons to collect the rewards. Some of them will produce some sort of items.

Station a companion with high station stats to produce items more effectively. In addition, cover the upgrade cost with the Lord of Dungeons cheats right away. Do not hesitate on spending through a way that could improve your powers.

More Visitors = Higher income.

Do you actually think people would come to visit an empty dungeon? No way…have you had to assign cool monsters to attract people. That is how the world is working nowadays. You need many visitors for the town to become rich, so you must manage the dungeons well.

In addition, another way to become rich in no time is by considering all the options you have at the start of the game. In addition, the Lord of Dungeons hack is playing a vital role in this set of options.


When you are about to hire new monsters into your dungeons, there are several things you have to keep in mind before doing so. The monsters’ abilities are affected by their condition each day. Their elements and relationships with other monsters also affect them.

This is exactly how the monsters will offer the challenge to you in the upcoming parts. In addition, you have to cover yourself from any changing of the monsters conditions by having enough funds through Lord of Dungeons hack.

Increase the morality by checking on their conditions every day, if you offer them a cool place to work in and their needs are, being fulfilled continuously…then this would be it.

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