Fill Your Pocket With The Different Treasures In The Game By Using The Lords of Discord Cheats!

This is a role playing game, it was created and published by “HeroCraft Ltd”, the game was released on 17 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices in order to reclaim your empire back and bring glory to it again, also using the Lords of Discord cheats will provide you with the different treasures to be able to spend on getting new items for your troops and to become stronger and unbeatable.

Follow The Tutorial And Learn How To Control Your Hero!

Nodding off in your castle, you recall the details of your last expedition, you had been facing the easy but important task of exterminating the undead that were plaguing one of the settlements near the border of your lands.

Initiative determines the order of action in combat, every unit’s initiative is displayed on the panel at the top of the screen, warriors in the back row can only use a ranged attacks and abilities, so try attacking the enemy.

Instead of attacking, every unit can assume a defensive stance, decreasing the damage received and the enemy’s chance to hit, unfortunately, as you have already noticed, ordinary blades cannot harm the Deslccator, so the guard captain had better think about defense, make sure to read our Lords of Discord tips to totally understand how the game works.

Try What You Have Learnt On The Nearest Enemies!

Try attacking the squad nearest to you, tap the enemy to attack, but sometimes delaying your action until the end of the turn is the best option, for example to heal the warriors in your party before the end of the combat, we could slay the Desiccator and finish the battle right now, but it would be better to patch up the party first, delay the action until the end of the turn.

Another tip you should consider and its for winning battles, your troops gain treasure and XP, gradually leveling up, fallen units can be resurrected in the castle for silver, or using scrolls of resurrection or special abilities, don’t forget to use the Lords of Discord cheats to get unlimited amount of terasures.

Use The Different Abilities To Easily Eliminate Your Enemies!

Many units have other abilities, in addition to base attack, use the icons at the bottom of the screen to switch between these abilities.

These abilities can affect several targets at once, select mass heal, abilities can affect several targets friendly as well as hostile, target any unit in your party.

All abilities have accuracy and cost in energy points, the hit chance of an ability is the difference between its accuracy and the enemy’s protection against the corresponding element, time to get rid of the Desiccator, select the exorcism ability.

All attack and abilities deal damage of a certain type, some enemies have increased or decreased resistance to certain types of damage, now target the Desiccator, and finally reading our Lords of Discord guide will help you understand what happened to your castle.

Stand Up Again And Conquer All With Your Troops!

You come to your scenes to see that everything has changed, your castle has fallen into disrepair, your army has scattered, your subjects are rioting, looks like you have slept for years or hit by a curse.

Right now your army consists of green rookies and there is nothing a handful of silver and piles of rusty garbage in your treasury, you have your work cut out, so rebuild your castle, hire new recruits, equip them and restore your empire to its former glory.

Put Your Hands On The Lords of Discord Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you cannot afford enough treasures for your troops, you cannot stand up with your empire again, if you wasting your time on the useless items, using the Lords of Discord hack will provide you with the different resources and different treasures to be used on upgrading your castle and troops, also as we mentioned before the usage of the abilities costs energy points, with that you are going to have unlimited amount of energy points to use all the abilities on your enemies.


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