Playing in one of the biggest medieval war games is such a pleasure. Fighting your way to the top of the ranking table and announce yourself as one of the best leaders whom ever came to this land.

Gather your soldiers from all over the world and compete with other players online. Do not forget the cheats service to get your needs inside free. was created and published by “Spinbot” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms accordingly.

You must have a device that is running android version 5.0 and up to get the game running. However, do not worry about the high requirements it is related mainly to the customization part from the development side.

Let us put all the requirements needed to run the game behind and talk mainly about the hack and how it will be changing the experience entirely.

How to Play?

Swipe to move and pick up gold. Buy soldiers to create your own army, you can split your forces when you have enough soldiers.

Switch to buildings, buy farms to feed your army and to be able to have more soldiers, add defensive buildings to protect them and place mines on gold veins to improve your income entirely.

You can get these gold to cover up the spending is via the cheats. It is only available for a very limited period and enjoy the service to its fulfillment.

Change of the Tactics.

Entering the settings menu to keep yourself aware of the main parts of the guide, would be the right move to do as soon as possible.

You will end up with no options left to customize and play around through the settings menu, which is making the gameplay itself much harder and you have to find the right optimization from inside for yourself.

Creating a decent atmosphere for yourself as a player will help your confidence and make the playing experience much better. Following up our tips will help in this regard without a doubt.



Throw Up Parties!

Choose at the start either to create your own party and start sending invitations out to the friends or other players to come up with you and start a game.

As you are reading this preview, then we do believe that you are only looking for an ideal option to choose to make the experience much better in general.

If you have enough number of online friends, then the party creation phase will help you to get to what you want.

If you do not have enough number of friends to create your own party, then joining some other player’s party is still considerable.

Create Your Character.

Enter a nickname for your character and choose the region that will be representing you in the game. Do not pick a very far location as it will cause a huge latency and make you do not have the experience that you have dreamt of.

Enter the skins section once you activate the hack to be able to purchase several types of weapons. These weapons will deal much higher damage and also will increase the strength of the upgrade weapon and would take you to the pool of hate that he has got in itself.

Final Verdict.

You must have an internet connection to run the game and we are trying to find the most suitable experience for this Tofu item.

We do not believe that the gameplay is complicated enough for me, but it will mean a lot if you are living by a beautiful woman and a sister.

Move around by sliding on the screen and pick up the coins on your way up. This will not last forever, but it is more than enough now to handle the game and take a closer look over the other features.

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