Lost Temple was created and published by “37Games.Asia” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

This is one of the most promising 3D MMORPG in the scene at the moment. You should first check your device compatibility, as it is still in its early stage and facing some troubles finding an ideal optimization.

The idea of having three diverse classes to choose from will blow out your mind. These classes are finely shaped and crafted to keep up with your high expectations.

So long as there are men, there will be wars. The game is supporting a massive PVP system to put you against players from all over the globe and name yourself as the finest fighter on the scene. Remember the importance of lost Temple cheats to enjoy a rich experience full of joys.

Get Started

Our lost Temple review will take the game a point after point. There will be a detailed report about each part of the game. Whom should start reading it? If you are a complete amateur and new to this type of games, then reading this article will offer you a rich experience to put you on the pro track.

We could not find any better ideas, than starting to cover the main three classes. You will have an ultimate chance to boost up your powers, with lost Temple cheats or lost Temple hack. Here is a list with three main classes:

  • Warrior: daring back to the red eyebrows in the hang dynasty, they are legends in the woods and valiant warriors effective in close combat. Scavenger and duelists are main descriptions.
  • Gunslinger: Originated during the three kingdoms period, gunslingers are the first geomancers. With dual pistols in hand, they are expert in ranged attacks. Soul breaker and trickster are available types inside.
  • Assassin: mysterious former Taoists and formidable modern assassins. With umbrella swords, they are effective in both attack and defense. Ghost hunger and abyss walker are main classes for the hero.

Those were our main talking points on the available classes, it would be a smart move to scroll down and learn more about gameplay.

Upgrade Your Character With lost Temple Cheats!

Now, you should have your class selected and preparing yourself to enter the real world, but the problem is that you have to customize your character first.

The game is offering tons of character customizations and it is very smart in this regard. You can choose your attire or it is known as outfit in similar games.

  • Choose your attire colors, and of course your weapon style can be modified easily. That is a very important thing, if you ask me.

Picking up a name for your character is the last move, but it is a very important move as your name will become like your identity on the field. So the shorter and easily recognizable name will be an ideal choice. If you cannot think of any special name, then the randomizer button will do it for you.

There will no problems at all, if you start the journey with lost Temple cheats or lost Temple hack. They both will boost up your performance from the first sight.

Like all hidden treasures, there got to be traps sometimes. You need to watch out for any surprises when the challenge begins. This is going to become your main focus on the first few minutes of playtime.



Gameplay Experience

Your first task here is to learn how the controls are working, but remember that the tutorial in the game will show no empathy towards new players.

You are given few seconds to follow the given instructions, if you do not interact with the device, then the character will proceed forward on its own, without teaching you the important point.

Walking around could be done via the joystick on left bottom corner. And interaction with different items there, will be done with a popping up interact icon.

  • Now, you should realize that lost Temple Hack will help you when it comes to purchasing pets or new gears in general.

Combat system is very similar to other games. Special skills surrounding the normal attack icon…special skills can only be activated once for a certain period of time, we are speaking here about a cool down period. That is very expected if you ask me, as it would not be a smart idea to invent something new to the UI or come up with something unfamiliar for no reason…

  • It is advised to turn on sounds for much more immersive challenge. Reading the Announcements at the start of the game will keep you with the track of improvements and changes in the game.

Enjoying the first 7 day challenge. It was created originally to increase your stock of rewards at your first period at the game so far.

The Art of Picking the Optimal Server

There are several servers available to play in, but selecting the optimal server will require some effort from your side to figure out the differences. Here is a quick short list to understand the indicators right next to the server.

  • Green: it will offer you the best experience regarding the latency and capacity.
  • Red: it is totally full and there is no room for you, or it will be challenging over the resources
  • Grey: it is going through a maintenance and it will be up soon, you should avoid it at the moment.
  • Do not worry as your lost Temple cheats & lost Temple Hack will work on any server and there should be no troubles.
  • Select a server that is close to your region as much as possible for optimal experience

You are allowed to create 4 characters on the same account, so you can enjoy testing out the full three classes and learn more about their pros and cons in a very short time.

Leveling up in this game is very crucial, it will grant you an access to the various features of the game. They all are coming locked up, but once you level up they will become available.

Settings Menu

The creators have put a lot of effort to make this experience, similar as much as possible to the pc versions. So they have created a settings menu with tons of features and customizable parts.

First feature to customize out is the chatting system. You can select which chat boxes to show on your screen and which ones to respond to automatically using voice commands.

Knowing that you can still progress forward through different parts of gameplay, whilst you are away from the mobile, will give you goosebumps for sure. Specially, when this experienced is merged with lost Temple cheats or lost Temple hack. It will take you to a new place, you could never imagine.

Select which items to pick up, when you are AFK will save slots for much important items. You do not want to miss a very rare item on the ground, because you have picked up trash items and your inventory is full already…

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