As you can read the game title, the gameplay is based on these two main characters. One is representing the fire and the other is representing the ice. You must work on your multitasking skills, as it will become the main affecting factor of the gameplay.

You will be playing with two different characters and they both will be in the same mission together and will share similar goals. The death rate is expected to be very high and the ads will keep on appearing as soon as you die, that is when the LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl cheats would come in handy.

LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl was created and published by “iKameStudio” and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

The quality of the game in terms of graphics is not the highest but still not the lowest; we have enjoyed the various effects and designs of the maps. The idea of the gameplay is what has stunned us and left us in the shocked state.

However, we have realized that the usage of the LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl hack is a must thing to do in order to enjoy the full experience of the game.

Main Introduction to the Gameplay.

In this LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl guide version, we will be walking through the full features of the game and try to give our readers an optimal experience of the game.

Playing with two characters might sound fun at the beginning, but wait until you dive deeper into the game and things start to get complicated.

Having the ability to use the two characters in order to serve the same purpose and pass some traps together by blocking the button with a character and the other would be doing the acrobatic jumps on the other side.

If there were anything you need to worry about, then it would be the annoying ads popping up so randomly from time to time and making everything look creepy. Spending enough time playing the game will only help you to grow some new skills and have the ability to find the right combination between these two characters.

The missions are coming in three different difficulties to match up with your current skill level. However, you cannot start right away on the hardest levels, as you have to grind your way up from the bottom in order to unlock new difficulty levels.



Customize Your Game Before You Start.

There are not many options you can play around with in the settings menu. So choose either to turn the sound off or on depending mainly on your own preference. In addition, the language is changeable as there are several languages available to be used in the game.

Always pick up the language you prefer to use as it will be making the game much easier and everything would be smooth and simply understandable instantly. This should become your focus from now on, and the effort should be aimed towards the mission traps.

Think, think, think and think…that is what you should be doing in this game. Finding the solution for each mission is not going to be easy, but once you figure it out there will be a flood of enjoyment flooding your system and increasing your dopamine hormones.

Demolish the ads by using sorry for the LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl cheats, and that is a very important move if you were planning to have a decent and fun playing environment so far.

Life is not fair if you ask me. Maybe the LuckyBoy and PrettyGirlhack would boost up your performance and make your gaming experience much more fun.

A Walkthrough the Shop.

We will be taking a tour through the shop and try to help you by providing the necessary LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl tips that will get you the right items you need to keep moving forward. This would be an ultimate solution to purchase the most effective items for your journey.

The art of spending the coins is something we have to help you with learning it. Do not waste your coins on the useless decorating items at any cost.

  • Revive your favorite pet by spending real money. That is the only way to get the pet alive once more, so we are suggesting the LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl cheats option to get them up.
  • You can also purchase up to 20 skips by an item and that would be so costly, but following the same method that we have mentioned earlier here would get it done.

We have been talking about the different available combos and how effective they are to your playing experience. Therefore, the next segment will be created mainly based on these items and with an attempt of giving the players the full information in this regard.



Check Out Other Games If You Have Enjoyed This One.

Enter the shop to purchase new items that will boost up your performance by miles, you might be thinking that we are jokers and there is no such a thing called boosters in the game. Then wait up and read the following description.

Start pack will grant you with five skips and removing the ads. As a player, we do realize how annoying those ads were to us so the LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl hack have been included as well as an alternative to remove the ads for good.

The legend pack contains a legend pet, five skips and ads removal. This is the most expensivepack, it is actually coming with decent reward, and you might find a way out to benefit from it. By reaching this point, we must notify you that you have reached the last item available in the shop.

If you have enjoyed the game, then feel free to tap on the gamer icon located at the main menu. It will take you directly to the play store in order to download and play similar games in terms of the gameplay contents and still offer to you several challenges.

You will need another version of LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl hack to get the other games done. Search on our website for extra tools.

Final Verdict.

There are three different modes to play in so far, the Halloween mode, Christmas, and Valentine mode. All of them are coming up locked, you have to either use LuckyBoy, and PrettyGirl cheats to get them unlocked or watch an advertisement video.

Unlock the time mode by completing 20 levels of the easy mode first, as the time mode is considered the hardest mode the game has ever created so far. The challenge is like no other and your winning chances are decreased to the minimum values.

Such games will always teach you to improve your teamwork abilities and have the right communication set up going on to become aware of the different principles without a single mistake. Keep that in mind and always focus on sending the two characters into safety together in one piece.

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