lThe game events are running in a mysterious world, nothing there is close to the reality. You can read more about the main story and understand its sequence by reading the following review.

It is a turn-based game but still managing to add the RPG factor into it. Consider looking over the Luna Chronicles R cheats to land your hands on any required amount of resources in the game. In addition, if you are actually interested into it, then learn how it works down below.

Luna Chronicles R was created and published by “Masangsoft” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any android or IOS platform.

The requirements for the game are pretty much low, you are not going to experience something extraordinary. However, we would advise you to use a device that has been released by 2015 and beyond to run it smoothly.

Main Storyline in Depth.

Start the journey by creating your first account and entering a nickname for your character. The game will enter the loading phase to get the necessary information ready, so you might want to wait for few minutes but the timing may vary depending on your device specifications. Read Luna Chronicles R guide to cover the basics and story of the game entirely.

After the twilight of the gods. Only one of the men and women survived. The two gods gave new life to dried igradshill and rebuilt the shattered world. There were two dragons being gifted, the first one panther, the second is Nacoon. Third derotooth and fourth Telaras. That is when all of these events started.

How Did This All Begin?

Hellsheilt was built years ago and created a new life. However, one of the creature decided to go into riot and sole creator of the throne. Killed two parents and fought with the other three siblings. The famous hellesheilt was destroyed and three billings sealed derotooth on the moon.

The three siblings who used a lot of power in this event went to sleep. In addition, that was not over yet…the story will continue and there will be another huge battle at the doors. Maybe following our Luna Chronicles R tips from now on could help with reducing the causalities.



Chaos Is Everywhere!

Centuries later, the remote village of Sella in the peaceful kingdom of derin…everyone started to dream of the leader of knights in the kingdom and his friend. They have been closefriends of cloud.

One of the knights was unable to resist the desire to eat a fruit that had mysterious powers and could change its user to something different! That is when has opened its doors once more and Luna Chronicles R cheats will help you with your way against this evil power.

General Instructions.

Remember that if you use the same type of partners for advancement, you can get lots of experience. The experience points are playing a vital role in making the game more fun by offering you new features and challenges ahead.

Your first battle is going to become the hardest if you are a beginner into such type of games. Therefore, this part is for beginners only and if you feel that you are advanced enough, skipping right to the advanced section would be a good idea. Getting the Luna Chronicles R hack to ensure your success is a very important move at this stage.

Take Erega Down!

Erega is unable to control his powers after eating the fruit. You have to evacuate derin people now before it is too late. You can see your knight’s abilities and powers located on the bottom left corner of the screen at the battle.

Try to find the right combination of skills to get the best out of this team. It could be a strange thing now. However, as you use Luna Chronicles R hack and unlock new strong knights the game will get easier and more fun.

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