Mad Rocket Fog of War was created and published globally by “FourThirtyThree Inc.” and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform out there.

Raise an army, as you will be heading directly into a great battlefield. The world is totally at a mess, and you are the commander whom is supposed to lead their compatriots through the victory.

The game is packed with several strategies, and they have managed to make it simple yet innovative. In addition, with the usage of Mad Rocket Fog of War hack, the challenge became even better as we have been testing all the new features that were implemented to the gameplay.


Finally, We Have A Commander!

Meet Olivia, the scientist as she is going to become your escort throughout the game events. The base is in trouble and they are so glad that you have finally arrived.

An enemy troop is nearby looking for the base. They are planning to come to the base in no time and destroy it out. Your time as a commander will come to stand your forces and put a plan that will prevent them from pushing and going forward anymore.

You can find useful Mad Rocket Fog of War tips down below to help you with the current situation you are stuck at.

Gather Your Arms.

You need to construct a defensive building right now, and as a beginner, the Guard Tower will be more than enough for you to stand in the upcoming battle.

You can also get extra help from Mad Rocket Fog of War cheats service, as you do not have to worry anymore about the cost of the buildings you are constructing so far.

Remember that each process you are doing will consume a certain period, you can either wait or skip the waiting period if you are not having enough time.




Full Access To The Game Events Via The Mad Rocket Fog of War Cheats Help.

Complete the given missions in order to receive higher experience points and your chances of achieving the top rankings will increase massively.

Since we have been talking about the tactics to hide ourselves from the attacks. We have realized that it is the time for the dark fog. The results of our Sternum research… it will allow you to hide all your valuable buildings and resources from the enemies.

In case you have lost your resources in the battles, do not hesitate to use the Mad Rocket Fog of War hack as an alternative and replace the lost points.

Find The Suitable Tactics To Survive.

Once the enemies charge your base, the defensive system will start working automatically, but you need to make sure that you are covering every corner of the base to stop the enemies from finding weakness points.

Upgrade and repair the buildings with the hand of Mad Rocket Fog of War cheats. Worry no more about the expenses of repairing or placing more guard towers around the city spots.

Remember, your enemies will have a vision over your base at the first attack. Therefore, they will be able to avoid the same mistakes they have made in the first attack on the second time.

Enjoy playing With Your Friends in the Multiplayer Mode.

The multiplayer mode will get unlocked once your commander reaches level five. Level it up by upgrading the buildings and arms.

The hidden base will become your main mission so far in the game. Completing it and receiving the stage rewards will help you out with experiencing new features.

You are only limited to a certain number of fuels. These fuels counters will indicate the tries you are obliged to enter the missions.

Therefore, as it was expected, the enemy base is using the dark fog. You can reveal it with the Mad Rocket Fog of War hack advanced technologies.

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