Magia Charma Saga was created and published by “NEXON Company” and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

This game is bringing something unique to the table, as you will get to live in multiple worlds with each character has its own story to tell…you will be amused with the amount of contents and details in the gameplay.

Finally, a game that focuses on the storyline. When you combine it with the Magia Charma Saga cheats, you should be expecting something phenomenal.

Get Started

This game is based mainly on the internet connection, so you must have a Wi-Fi to download the big data content. You can learn more about the game by reading our full Magia Charma Saga review.

Each battle will require a certain prologue to be downloaded in order to start, and the prologue will automatically begin once the download is complete. The download will continue even if returning to the title screen.

  • The game has very cool cinematic videos and the dialogue is smart, it will not interfere the gameplay and it all takes part around the main gameplay content.

Quick Intro To The Storyline

The main characters in the game will be Lux, it is the pet you will be riding to move from one place to another. In addition, luthur the main character.

  • You must understand the name of the game Magica Charm…magia is the energy of the gods and it has been corrupted, you will figure out the mystery behind it.

As soon as you reach your kingdom, you will find out that the chaos and evil powers has taken over everything.

You must fight to reach the Charma and save it. There will be the corrupted guards standing in your way that is when you will learn how to fight and use the Magia Charma Saga cheats as a help.

The attacking techniques in the game is not different from other similar games, and that is what we will be taking in more details on the next segment.

The Pursuit Of Saving The Kingdom

You can find your attacking set of skills shown on the right bottom corner of the screen, which will take us to the two handed playing system. On the left side you will move around and you can find the normal attacking skill combined with your special abilities.

  • If you ever get to face a boss at the end of the road, then you can see its health shown on the top bar of the screen.

Bosses usually deal much higher damage and can last longer than the regular monsters that is why you will need to be prepared well and equipped with the latest gears available. The Magia Charma Saga hack will come to the rescue…

Get The Unlimited Powers From Magia Charma Saga Cheats!

The story that we have spoken about earlier was only related to one character out of four main characters available to choose from. Each one of them is coming with its own special story to live.



Overview Of The Main Characters


  • Sealed power a volcanic dragon from vallere who is on a journey to recover her power. The difficulty level is easy. In addition, she can fight with the power of a dragon for a short amount of time. Caleera’s source of magic fuses with her horns. Absorbs magic, so that it may be used by whoever wields this weapon.

Aided Rutelan

  • He is the second prince of the ancient Rutelant, the lost kingdom of Eir Sirga. He is haunted by the loss of his past. Very easy when it comes to the difficulty, but you must consider having the Magia Charma Saga hack alongside you through this journey.
  • The royal sword of Rutelan, left by the noble. Aiden, commonly known as the Segirr of faith.

Leta Vinis

  • A magician who fights with help from elemental spirits. The forbidden spirit, mainly uses mid and long range attacks. It is kind of difficulty to control but this is the challenge for those who enjoy action games.
  • The forbidden spirit who always stays by leta to protect her will be always there by your side with the Magia Charma Saga hack.

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