Magic vs Monster was created and published by “RedFish Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Use your magical abilities to protect the realm from the continuous monster attacks. You must be prepared and have a well-practiced skill level with the magical pinball.

You must be smart enough to find the best angel to shoot your pinballs at; your main goal is to get as many reflections as possible. With the Magic vs Monster cheats, your powers will step up into a whole new level!

Get Started

The game begins with an introduction to the main story. The monsters are invading the border of the kingdom! You must use your magic and read our Magic vs Monster review to protect the realm.

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions and head directly to the main components of the gameplay. The battles will take place on squares…multiple squares.

You will see the monsters moving towards you and there will be a magical shield right in front of you to provide you with protection and covariance.

On the top side of the screen, you will notice a combo reward cool. Combo for 35 times to get rewards. Which means you have to stay concentrated on the battles in case you wanted to receive these rewards. You may also increase your treasury via the Magic vs Monster cheats!

Create Higher Combos To Get Better Rewards

Drag the target to aim on the enemies and release to shoot. The borders will affect the attacking bullets. Therefore, you might want to take the best out of your attacking turn and stop the enemies from proceeding forward.

  • Increase your attacking powers with our Magic vs Monster hack as well.

Every few seconds the enemies will move towards the magical shield by one-step. Therefore, you need to aim on the top side of the battlefield, as the bullets will be stuck between the monsters and the borders, which will be reflected for unlimited numbers until the monster is killed.

This is how you may gain your combo reward in no time.



Increase Your Income Rapidly…

The rewards from completing missions are huge, as you will be given three tasks per mission. Completing the all three tasks will reward you with the full three stars mark and the highest potential of coins.

If your aim at completing missions was to get gold coins, then the Magic vs Monster hack should become a better solution at this matter.

  • In addition, if you ever felt that, you are not satisfied with your performance on a certain mission; you can always replay it again and get a better result.

Free Out The Will Mountains!

  • Help the kingdom to drive the monsters out from this sacred place. There are 75 stars to be picked up.

You are not eligible to play the game for unlimited time, as each challenge will consume one energy bar. In addition, some challenges could consume more than that, so you need to find a reliable source for the energy, which we will cover on the next segment.

Fill Your Energy Bar With Magic vs Monster Cheats Right Away!

The game in general will not grant you a big number of energy charges. You have only two solutions…

  • Wait for the charges to be filled once again over time
  • Use the in game shop to purchase energy points

Most of the players tend to find it a little bit frustrating not being able to play their favorite game because of the stupid energy points. That is when the Magic vs Monster hack would come in handy…

Quick tip: monsters will start gathering at some point that is when you should start using the rebound to fight back! This is the ultimate way to handle such situations.

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