Another game from the same creators of the old “Mahjong Trails”, as they claim it was one of the most well-known mahjong game ever. But this time, everything has changed and improved actually, enjoy the quality gameplay combined with extra fun features, you will get to learn more about them down below.

Do not forget to send invitations out for your friends, as you start the challenge and climbing the leaderboard ladder. Show them what you got and make sure you are using the Mahjong Trails Match cheats to cover your needs inside of coins.

Mahjong Trails Match was created and published by “MegaZebra” company and it is available to be downloaded and played totally for free on any Android or IOS platform.

The requirements to get the game running are very low. So worry no more if you are an owner of an old device.

Gameplay Intro.

It could take up to 10 seconds to get the game started, so do not rush things that is totally usual for the first start. And now, here is a quick look over the story of the gameplay.

The little bunny was out on mission to collect some carrots, he goes back home to get surprised with everything misplaced and destroyed. There must been someone at the house searching for something!

A huge evil monster appears out of nowhere to kidnap all his children and fly’s far away. And that is when the actual gameplay begins from the first mission. The mission is clear enough “Saving your children”. Reading our Mahjong Trails Match guide will help you further with the remaining quests.

Rescue Your Friends from The Custody.

The rescuing journey begins right away; we do not have much time to waste! You will be completing the missions by taping on the tiles and finding the right match to get it fixed. You have to clear the entire given tiles before the time runs out. you have to remember every tile and stay focused as much as possible to pass through the starting missions. Following our smart Mahjong Trails Match tips system, will allow you to finish them faster than the regular consumed time.



Warm Colors.

The most important part of the game is the UI; it is very elegant as it will be pleasing to your eyes during the playtime. No distortion or wrong colors will be appearing on your screen, which ensures that you will be playing the game for longer periods.

The time counter will be located right at the top left corner of the screen. And on the opposite side you can see the completed matched up tiles, and with the remaining ones left as well. Increase your performance with the coins from Mahjong Trails Match cheats instantly.

Receive Decent Rewards for Completing Missions.

Completing missions will result in giving you decent rewards and getting you closer from rescuing your friends out. If you are not satisfied with your current score points, then feel free to restart it over from the beginning.

Each mission is marked with 3 stars’ system. You have to beat the time and have a great gaming quality in order to get it done and achieve the full mark. Maybe with some help of Mahjong Trails Match hack, you might be able to achieve it easily, but that is not 100% sure.

Enable Power Ups to Progress Faster.

The power ups are taking huge part in your success journey. So enable them out by purchasing them from the starting menu. If you are worried about the cost, then with Mahjong Trails Match hack. You shall never worry any more about it.

Before the start of any mission, you can see the given goal and the option either to enable the power ups or not. In the starting missions, you do not have to get the power ups working. And during the gameplay, you can see the progression bar in the pink color increasing as you match up tiles together.

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