For the first time, you will be playing alongside all the types of heroes, even the villains will be fighting right next to you for the same cause. Which is saving the planet earth from the invasion that has been threatening the life on the planet so far.

Collaborate with the everyone you can find, and work on protecting the planet and put an end for the invasion. Getting the help from MARVEL Strike Force cheats would be an ideal solution, since there are way too many features locked inside.

MARVEL Strike Force was created and published by “foxnext Games, LLC” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

MARVEL Strike Force requires an IOS version 9.0 and when it comes to the android, you are going to need an android version 6.0 and up. The game is trying to get the right mix between the graphics quality and the gameplay depth at the same time.

Quick Look into The Storyline.

In this MARVEL Strike Force guide, we will be walking through the depth of the gameplay and try to cover up the main features inside. And at the start, you should know that blasters and brawlers deal heavy damage but are vulnerable to the attack.

There are three types of teams waiting to take the burden of saving the planet earth. The avengers team, defenders team, and the guardians. They all are preparing their arms and friends to take a step into the frontline.

Do not Forget to Download Additional Files.

Ensure that you are having the game connected to the internet, as there will be some additional files must be downloaded to get the game running properly.

The villain is considering the earth as a NEXON, once it falls all the worlds will belong to Ultima’s the villain all realities will become his. And that will be taking us to the HQ of Shield company to know how to put a proper plan to stop Ultimus from invading the earth and bringing chaos and corruption to it.

Following our MARVEL Strike Force tips should be on the top of the list to get it done, but maybe you have to think of alternative plan.



Stop Ultimus from Controlling the Earth at Any Cost!

With the MARVEL Strike Force cheats, you will figure out some methods to stop the invasion of Ultimus. Scroll down to learn more about how to prevent him from getting advanced.

Nick fury is going to become your assistant in the starting phase. Listening to his advice and doing exactly as he says is such an important thing if you were planning to go far.

He has taken the liberty of assigning two agents to help you out with the small tasks at the start. Learn more about the agents and how they work on the next segment.

Hire New Agents and Upgrade Their Skills.

The first agent is spider man. No one knows New York City like him so he should come in handy. He has 2 stars rating out of 7 stars in total. And coming with 4 special skills which are ready to be deployed in the first battles.

The agent’s special skills will follow the same path that your character will be following in the leveling and upgrading to get stronger at the end. And with the MARVEL Strike Force hack, you will afford to purchase the upgrades.

Final Conclusion + First Mission.

Second agent is STRIKE. She will become your support and will have some special medical skills to keep you alive and in good health for the incoming battles.

Moving now into the first mission, as you will be asked to intercept the shipment of Ultimus into the city and corrupt his plans. Bear in mind that characters gain ability energy in their special and ultimate abilities turn.

Since this is a turn based game, then you have to be quick as possible because the second chances will not be always there waiting for you, so the activation of MARVEL Strike Force hack is a must do thing to survive.

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