Mascot Dunks Cheats Will Enable You TO Get VIP license and Unlock All The Remaining Mascots For Free.

This is a simple game based around doing freestyle moves while dunking the ball into the basket, start improving your skills and show the world your real talent!

Bring your ideas and skills into reality at your smartphone screen, and play with amazing animals such as cats, lions, dogs, and extra more playable characters that you can start unlocking them using the amazing Mascot Dunks cheats.

The Mascot Dunks was created by “Crimson Pine Games” company and it is available to be downloaded from the Android or IOS stores with a simple tap no extra charges will be applied.

Main Menu Tour.

Now we are shall be taking a quick tour inside the main menu of the game to deliver to our readers the exact feeling of playing the game by just reading this amazing Mascot Dunks guide.

Let’s give you an idea about the locations of icons and their usages, if you start to look at the right side corner of the screen, you shall be seeing the best score tracker and this function works as it will start updating as soon as you reach your highest score at the game, so each time you enter the pitch and reach a higher score than the highest one you have scored previously It will get updated instantly, such a feature adds a lot of competition with your own self as it forces you to improve and try to beat your own last record at the game, you might be needing the Mascot Dunks cheats for such a thing.

Understand The Natural of the Game.

We can call the gameplay here an endless one, since your goals that you are about to achieve are getting updated regularly and the better you get at the game the harder the tasks and missions coming at you, so now the time has come to let you learn some new tactics and Mascot Dunks tips, so keep reading this article to its end.


Get Mascot Dunks Hack to Enjoy All the Game Features Without Any Effort to Mention.

The game tutorial is very simple to match up with most of the user’s levels and skills, so if you keep following it step by step, you will be able to understand the game basics and advance into higher levels of the game, now let’s take a look over the controls of the game which are actually nothing to mention.

Tap on the screen to watch your character jumping from one jumper to another, but it is all about the timing, so pay a great attention when you are about to tap on the screen since one single bad timing tap will lead to a total disaster or a late reaching to the basket.

Unlock much better characters of the game by putting your hands on the amazing Mascot Dunks hack, and if you are worrying about the security side, then you should keep in mind that it is totally safe and secure to be used.


Score as Many Stars as Possible.

After each try you are completing at the game, you will be receiving a detailed report of everything you have done inside the pitch, the amount of stars that you will be reciting are actually based on the performance, so keep trying to achieve as many stars as possible, also the netted balls are counted since after each time you will get the ball inside the basket, you will be moved into another challenge.

Customizing Your Character Is a Whole New Story.

Customizing your character is such an interesting part here, you are offered the ability of choosing your character color and you can change it whenever you want for free, also an addition info “make sure you are liking the game Facebook page so you would be Receiving another mascot without having to pay anything”, the mascots usually will cost you 20 stars for each spin, and it is also a random one that you have nothing to do about choosing its outfit or ability.


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