uThe current critics for such a game are good, they have been praising it but they have mentioned that the main downside of the game is the ram consumption. However, we will get back to this point later on; currently just activate the Master of Eternity cheats to have them free gems and AP!

Master of Eternity was created and published by “NEXON Company” and it is available to be downloaded through the Android and IOS stores. The game is totally coming for free and you do not have to pay anything to get it started.

We cannot claim that this game is the highest of its competitors when it comes to graphics department, but it is still decent enough to give you a pleasurable experience. In addition, with the Master of Eternity hack you will manage to have an access any feature inside that is locked right now.

Quick Intro.

This Master of Eternity guide will take you through the different parts of the gameplay, systematically so if you were looking for more advanced instructions, then we would not recommend you to read the first three segments.

There are seven global languages available to play the game in, but the language selection phase is pretty much different and unique when you get to see it. As soon as you select your language by picking it up you have to tap on the back button, there is no confirmation. In our case, we kept on pressing the language button several times to get it confirmed but without any luck…

Fix The Data loss Problem!

One of the biggest glitches the game has experienced, losing the ability to claim your challenge rewards even through you already linked the transferred account.

  • The main solution is to enter the play store or app store to update the game to its latest version, and still keep up with the game mechanism and features in their right place.

We will keep on providing our readers with the latest Master of Eternity tips we can give them possibly. However, if you have any recommendation, then feel free to send it directly into our email.

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More Players = More Fun

The game developers are trying to improve their player’s database numbers and they are doing their best to attract as many players as possible into the battleground. You can help them with achieving this goal simply by entering the major Facebook event that they are creating.

As soon as you share their video, you will be receiving 500 gems and 5 AP tickets. Of course, the Master of Eternity cheats will offer you more when it comes to gems, but it is still a very important step.

Welcome To Agar!

The game size is huge and you must be connected to the WIFI to get it downloaded, as your mobile data plan will be ruined if you have decided to proceed forward.

Enter a name for your character; remember that you are allowed to use 10 characters for whatever language you are using.

At the start of the game, you will notice a very small dialogue going between few characters as it is mainly an introduction to what is going to happen inside. You can skip it, as it is not that important when it comes to shaping the main storyline.


This is a turn-based game, so snatching the opportunity when it is available should become a must thing to do. The Master of Eternity hack will provide you with the right ability to be strong enough for these types of battles.

We are speaking here about the ability to upgrade your character and enhance its defense and attacking powers. Try to play it smart and even if the enemies are outnumbering you, you have to outplay them in your own way!

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