Fill The Pocket With All The Gold You Need By Obtaining The Match 3: Dragon’s Candy Cheats!

This is a puzzle game, it was created and published by “Best Match 3 Games” the game was released on 2 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices to prove if you are good at solving the different puzzles or not and also using the Match 3: Dragon’s Candy cheats will provide you with a countless amount of gold.

Get Done From Each Level Before You Exceed The Numbers Of Moves You Have!

In this game you will need to match three colors located next to each other, and your ultimate mission is to construct the building and to collect the fragments, on the left of the screen you can watch your needs, and what colors you need to collect to start building, and hey watch out your moves are limited, and if you surpassed that you are going to lose, there is also another two things you need to know about, the first one is each level needs a specific amount of elixirs to be able to play it, and after each level you win you are going to be rewarded with gold to help you through the game buying the different stuffs, and finally make sure to read our Match 3: Dragon’s Candy guide to understand the game before you even start it, but watch out some dragons are going to stop you from finishing the building so make sure to attack it and let it go away.

Follow The Tutorial To Learn The Basic Game Controls!

Make sure to not skip the tutorial at the beginning and plus our Match 3: Dragon’s Candy tips we are going to mention in here you will be 100% ready to play the game, ok here is the first lessons, collect three elements of the same color, located next to each other! Now put appeared fragments on their places! Now after finishing the first level you will be moved to the next one, and there will be a red dragon. It is afraid of water! Collect a chain of water elements to drive it away!

Use The Magnet And Collect The Hardest Color In The Map!

There are a powerful tool you will need to usually use, and it’s the magnet, as we said before all of your needs are located on the left of the screen, and if you are asked to collect the red color, use the magnet to collect all the red colors that are exists in front of you, by that you will be saved several times and will less your needs of moves to easily win the game and to construct all the buildings that are required also make sure to use the Match 3: Dragon’s Candy cheats to get all the gold you need and to easily double it without watching any ad, and by this gold you are going to get a lot of elixirs to play whenever you want.

Always Make Sure To Get The Full Mark To Move To The Next Stages Of The Game!

The reward system is that stars system, you have specific moves to end each level and if you completed the level in less move you will be getting the full three stars, if you finished the level with the same specific amount of moves you will be getting two stars, and no stars you will be getting if you surpassed the specific moves, so make sure to always collect the three stars because other stages will require a lot of stars to be unlocked, and you won’t be able to play them unless you get all the required stars.

Put Your Hands On The Match 3: Dragon’s Candy Hack To Unlock New Features!

In this game you will need a lot of elixirs to play the different levels, and if you don’t have you will need to wait for some time to produce such elixirs, so make sure get all the help from the Match 3: Dragon’s Candy hack because it’s going to provide you with all the gold you need to get all the elixirs to play whenever you want, and also will help you to get unlimited amount of magnets to help you’re through the game.


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