Experience the WW2 dream involvement, raise a squad loaded with capable troops to lead them through the diverse fights far and wide. Figure out how to get the best out of them and utilize the Medals of War tricks to fortify out the squad openly.

Decorations of War was made and distributed by “Nitro Games Oyj” organization and it is accessible to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS stages.

Decorations of War requires an IOS adaptation 8.0 and it isn’t accessible for the android gadgets yet, however it is just a short time to see it there.

Welcome, Commander!

In this rendition of the Medals of War control, we will head specifically into the gameplay segments and endeavor to clarify each little detail, you will experience up until now. What’s more, there is no better approach to take in the gameplay than living the experience of the fight.

Decimate the foe HQ for the grandness of Worland, administrator. This is your fundamental objective and you need to accomplish it with all the power you have. Check the base bar to summon the coveted fighters however summoning them will require some specific capacities.

The diversion is following the charges framework, and after certain timeframe the charges will build one by one. What’s more, that is extremely entangled framework since you have to concentrate on the most proficient method to spend these focuses. The warrior’s necessities for charges are changing for some reasons, which we will discuss them later on here.

How to Deploy Soldiers to The Field?

Every unit of fighters will have its own one of a kind capacities, consider investigating these troopers to know precisely how the warriors will perform on the combat zone. Some of them are exceptionally solid in the nearby fights and would bargain harm, a serious harm to the ground troops.

Following our Medals of War tips would help you with choosing precisely which units ought to have their most elevated need to venture into the field at the pivotal minutes.

In the event that your foe is relying upon the tanks fundamentally at the fights, at that point you might need to investigate the Flankers.

Ever Inch On the Battlefield Worth a Fortune!

Consider the dead zone gives you a chance to coordinate your mounted guns at the foe HQ. The conduit will bargain the primary harm to the adversary’s structures and it is difficult to contact them because of the assaulting separation.



You will have a charge prepared, and as the mounted guns is set in the position will begin to bomb out the adversary’s structures. Give them the request and they will begin shaking down their base. Furthermore, consider enhancing your squad with Medals of War cheats.

Send Special Attacking Techniques.

Utilize your officer’s orders with the charge focuses you get at whatever point you convey troops. These focuses are basically difficult to pick up. Possibly just the Medals of War hack would expand the summon focuses basically quick.

When you secure a triumph over the foe’s there will be rewards sitting tight for you, and these cases will build your odds to wind up noticeably more grounded.

Opening chests would devour a specific timeframe, and now you might need to have some persistence with the opening procedure.

New Advanced Ranking System.

The positioning framework is tolerable and it keeps you generally persuaded, because of the most recent motor they have added to the matchmaking framework.

Consider getting your Facebook account connected with the amusement, as it will give to you a free stockpiling to spare your most recent movement in the diversion. So you don’t need to stress any more over losing the spared documents.

On the off chance that you are wanting to get your rank to see a change, at that point you should have an exceptionally strong squad on the field. What’s more, with the Medals of War hack, your armed force will see a tremendous change and addition of the quality.

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