In this present reality where zombies have transformed mythical serpents into stone, ceased to exist the land and numerous more you have to join things.

Blend Dragons is an astound diversion where you essentially join a great deal of things. Joining things will transform them into something else. Your goal is to join diverse things to finish them all. Make a point to utilize our Merge Dragons hack, tricks, tips and manual for complete the process of everything else.

Join things or not

In Merge Dragons, you have diverse goals. More often than not you simply need to clear everything. Now and again you additionally need to consolidation things to recuperate the land or turn the statues typical.

When you join 3 of similar things and they transform into something else. You can then to continue to join those things until they are all certain.

You don’t need to consolidate every one of them unless that is the goal. Consolidating a great deal of them implies that you will have more indicates pick up yet in the event that now and again it isn’t conceivable then simply adhere to the goal and no compelling reason to join every one of them. Replay more established levels to get higher scores.

Get those monsters

Something that you consolidate in the levels are the mythical serpent eggs. Join three eggs to get a winged serpent. You can get more mythical beasts when you have to. On the off chance that you can incubate monster eggs early then do it.

The mythical beasts will deliver distinctive things that you can consolidate too. This is useful in the later levels when you require more things to join.

Recuperate the land

There are parts in the level where the land is tainted. It is for the most part shaded dark and these terrains can’t be utilized until they are mended.

Fundamentally the things on the debased land can’t be moved. As far as mending the land, you need to join things. When they are consolidated, they will recuperate a piece of the land. Lamentably you can’t control which some portion of the land you can recuperate as it is irregular.

This is the place those brought forth winged serpents come in on the grounds that on the off chance that you have to recuperate a greater amount of the land, then the things that the mythical beasts can create will be utilized to mend them more.

Your camp

One other part of Merge Dragons is that it gives you a camp. The camp is fundamentally similar to a residential area or town that you can run. When you open it, it can be a wreck.

You can consolidate a portion of the things there to get them out. The other route is to offer those things that you can’t join. Presently once you get mythical beast eggs on your camp, you can utilize them to help get out a portion of the Evil Fog.

Fundamentally you can extend your camp when the Evil Fog is apportioned. Your camp is a decent preoccupation when you’re somewhat drained from playing the riddles. Simply take a secondary lounge and unwind and appreciate this piece of the diversion.

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