The game events are taking place in an open arena, where everyone is capable of holding a weapon that will blast out his enemies and show off the skill level he has reached successfully.

The game is packed up with several features and playable modes, and that is going to be described with more details later on here. Consider using the Metal Fist cheats service to have the full access to the various game features.

Metal Fist was created and published by “Vivid Games S.A.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The game is pretty much average when it comes to the graphics department, but we have enjoyed the current visuals and the attacking animation. Any mid-range device will be able to run the game smoothly without any troubles mentioned. In addition, to maximize the fun experience at the game, you may use Metal Fist hack and start purchasing the latest gears.

Main Controls.

At this Metal Fist guide, we have decided to start with the controls section and let you know the basics at least to be able to move around the game.

Tap and hold on the screen in the preferred direction and the character will be following you right away. In addition, the same could be applied to the combat system. Tap quickly on the enemy’s direction and your character will be attacking automatically

Advanced Tips.

You will not be able to move into the next phase of the game without eliminating all the enemies on the scene successfully. This is how the most games are working nowadays, so complete a task by task and never try to overcome a certain mission by running faster.

Sometimes you will have to jump to higher objects and floors; this could be done by swiping in the desired direction.

Following the set of Metal Fist tips we are providing to our readers will help you to improve the overall gaming quality.

After knowing how to jump higher, then the climbing part will come. Tap and hold on the screen and your character will simply climb over.



Receive Great Rewards For Completing Missions.

Completing missions will reward you with gold coins and energetic bars. Use them to purchase newer items and maybe even upgrade your character attributes.

There are several ways to increase your income in such games, and the Metal Fist cheats should be considered as your first solution to such a part.

Between the various missions, there will be chests coming to you in a gift form. They will usually contain some special items that will boost up your journey so far. We are fully aware of how the game events will be changing and taking turns.

What TO Purchase?

Let uscontinue the various parts of the game that is related mainly to the items that you can purchase. Remember that you can purchase various items and gears from the shop if you want to boost up your gaming quality.

The battles will change in terms of difficulty and it is not so easy to accomplish without any outside sort of a help. That is why we believe that Metal Fist hack would be the right decision for you to purchase those gears and boosters that will help your attacks to deal much higher damage.

Art of Surviving.

One of the major down sides of the game is that you cannot play the game for unlimited amount of times. Each mission you are receiving will consume a certain period in order to become available to be executed.

You can skip all the waiting periods by spending extra gold coins or cash. That is another reason for you to consider saving the rewards you have received in the entire lifetime to exchange it with quests.

Before we end this review, we have realized that having more than one character to play in the game is one of the most important factors to succeed.

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