Well, we do not have to talk much about this game, since it is well known globally. This is the famous metal Slug game but this time everything is modified and improved in this casual 2D arcade style.

The graphics are decent now, but they did not want to throw out all what they have been loved for in the past in order to swap it with an ogre version. The main thing we can recommend you to get before playing the game is the Metal Slug XX Online cheats.

Metal Slug XX Online was created and published by “cocobear” company and it is available to be downloaded and played smoothly on almost any Android or IOS device out there.

You will need a device that is running android 4.2 or up. And when it comes to the parents rating, it is ideal for anyone whom is 7 years and older. There are no special permissions needed but accessing the device storage and having an active internet connection as well to play the game. Since it is mainly based on the online matchmaking system. Learn more at our Metal Slug XX Online guide down below.

Two Login Options Available to Pick from.

At the start of the game you have to decide the login method that fits you the most. There are not many options actually, only two to choose from. The Facebook one and the Guest.

The Facebook is the most trusted one, as it will ensure you are keeping all your data files linked up with the account. So in other words, no matter what happens to the game files or even the entire device. You are still going to find everything left at its place.

The guest feature, will not provide you any of these pros but it could give you some decent privacy. So following our Metal Slug XX Online tips would never get you wrong.

Choose The Right Server.

There is a server selection phase, but it seems it has only server and there will be many new servers coming up online when new players enter the game. The latency indicator is shown on the left side of the icon.

Always try to pick up a server that has green color, if it turns to the red, then avoiding such a server at any cost could become the most vital thing ever. The Metal Slug XX Online cheats would not be able to do you anything with the high latency.



Too Many Similarities with The Old Version.

Now, the same old UI and gameplay style they have brought it into this latest version of the game as well. Select the number of players whom are going to play the game. There is an option to play with three different players and characters.

Unlock new gears and features with Metal Slug XX Online hack as well, maybe it could help with increasing the number of players count.

Play with Up to 3 Of Your Friends.

In our case, we have picked up a single player challenge. We do not have that many of friends. And now let’s move into the first mission, when the sun was burning the desert and the helicopters were hovering the peregrine falcon group.

We are about to execute the rival commander and reinforce the lost members. They though it was a small and easy task but things went out of the blue. Improve the gears quality with Metal Slug XX Online hack, this means higher chances to survive and accomplish missions faster.

Final Words On the Controlling System.

As we are finalizing this review, the time has come to speak about the controls and give our readers a quick look over it. Slide rocker to control movement of your character. It has 4 dimensions to move in. And on the top left corner, you can see the percentage of your own health bar.

Try to always keep it at its maximum potential as this a main indicator of your current health state.

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