You can keep playing this game for hours and weeks without getting bored from. They have added the fun factors in every department of the game, and the increment of the challenge rate alongside the upgrading part is totally right on point. Use the Metal Wings Elite Force cheats to have tons of resources free.

Metal Wings Elite Force was created and published by “OneSoft Studio” and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms freely.

Average graphics quality, they have tried to bring the old content of the famous Contra game but it did not go well. Still a decent game to be played and kill the time while saving the battery life.

Begin The Journey!

Tap anywhere to start the game right way and jump into the great actions. Move using the three arrows directional located on the bottom left corner, and we have to remind the users that there is no way to move into the third dimension.

On the other hand, you may find the attacking and special skills location. With some help and pressings on the jumping arrow, you might reach some level that you cannot reach on the daily basis. Use the Metal Wings Elite Force guide to learn more advanced instructions related to the gameplay.

Beware The Hell Howler!

The attacking mechanism is weird when you start comparing it with other games. You are actually controlling the bullets directions; there is no firing button to tap on. The slider will start firing in the direction you are pulling it through.

If the enemies are outnumbering you and getting closer from taking you down, then you have to do the following Metal Wings Elite Force tips.

Run away and give yourself a space when you are shooting so they would take logger time until they reach you. Also using the advanced skills and items to deal higher damage, we will cover this part later on.



Auto Aim.

The auto aiming system is the only thing we have enjoyed so far in the game. It will help you to have a quick reaction and taking out the enemies in almost no time.

Your health points will be shown on the top left side and the type of gun you are using. Expand your surviving chances with the Metal Wings Elite Force cheats, and keep this option available on the different stages. Jump from one point to another to dodge the incoming attacks and thanks to the auto aiming, you will still be able to shot the folks down.

Terrific Boss Fights.

At the end of each mission, you will get to face a big boss battle and the numbers of enemies will keep on expanding. Therefore, you need to keep your distance and know exactly when to advance forward, you will never know where and when the trap will be set up for you.

Keep yourself always prepared for the surprises by moving the Metal Wings Elite Force hack into the activate state; this might be the right move to do from this moment and onward.


The bullets will take the flying motion state, so this will give you a higher chance to dodge it. Seeing the bullet on its way to the enemy is cool thing. The boss fights are very brutal and there is no sign of mercy in there.

You have to keep your full focus on the monster to understand the weaknesses and advantages he has. In addition, with an advanced set of weapons and gears from Metal Wings Elite Force hack, you will manage to stand your ground while fighting him.

The boss is having a health meter located on the top bar of the screen. The lower it gets the stronger the boss will become, as he will never give up on the dream of killing you and shattering you into small pieces.

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