One of the most impressive Role playing Games out there. Start searching and collecting unique monsters, and enjoy walking through a very decent missioning system as you are carrying the burden of saving this universe from the invasion of the Metamons. That is why the Metamons hack, cheats, tips and guide is a must have.

Metamons was created and published by “sMeet Communications GmbH” company and it is available on the Android and IOS stores.

Game Story.

The game story is based over a mythical element that is called “Metamite” as it was known as a great source for energy and also been used as a travelling portal, as it could simply allow us to move from one planet to another instantly, but this made our planet earth at a great risk.

Many new creatures have entered through these portals and they are invading our beloved planet, so the time has come now for us to take a stand and try to defend it against the intruders, so right here we shall teach you the fighting basics and give you a complete idea about the gameplay itself, as this is supposed to save you the time and effort, you were about to waste throughout the different parts of the tutorial.

Firstly, try and collect a second Metamon to join the mission as we are already started with one at the default starting scene. Let’s use its super powers in order to take advantage at the battles and make the mission of finding another metamon much easier. Keep on reading the review to learn more about the game.



What Are the Metamons?

At first you should understand what are the Metamons. They are the creatures that has entered our world once we have activated the super powered element Metamite, they are very strong and have typical skills, such as “Talon scratch”, with which they cause physical damage to their enemies. Each one of them has his own special powers and abilities.

On the other hand, you can see the buffs and rebuffs, some skills trigger special effects, such as the famous Grow Intimidates the enemy, it will simply reduce its damage by 50% for 3 rounds, and that is a huge effect.

Elemental Skills and Extras.

Fire scorches the earth, Earth withstands Air, Air blows away Water and Water extinguishes Fire. Weaken the Lupus with an Earth attack. So I guess now you will be able to take advantage of your opponents and know exactly when and how to strike them out, the Lupus is weakened! Let’s take this opportunity to collect it out.

And that is not it, remember to use the “Antidote” as the functional items increase the chance of success. Use the antidote with the highest efficiency to transform the Lupus. Keep an eye over the health bars which is located right above each Metamon, do not let your health bar reach the zero bottom, or you will drop down dead instantly.

Your Guide for A Stable Income.

Receive high rewards for every battle you are going to win over there, remember that the points are split into several sections, so you have to make sure that you have gave it all at the battle in order to receive the three stars rating so far. The reward will mostly come in the form of a loot chest, they can contain Metamite, coins, Engrams and other additional useful items which will help you with your journey to become stronger. With a little luck you can receive rare, epic or even legendary loot chests. Now go to the world map to look for new challenges.

But before you step into another harder mission, remember to use our Metamons hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to be able to upgrade your current Metamons, maybe even purchase new gears and apply the necessary upgrades for free!



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