Mighty Heroes was created and published by “BoomBit” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Experience the cards game in a different style, they have added some unique features inside, including the Arena mode, Storyline and the PVP.

You must ensure, that your internet connection is strong and stable. You can add the Mighty Heroes cheats to the equation and Open any amount of packs freely, there is no need to invest in the in-game store.

Get Started

Our Mighty Heroes review will cover the main basics of the gameplay. As soon as you start the game, there will be request to load progress from the server, it will only appear if you have used the game previously on another device and used the same credential to login back into the game.

Right now, we will explain to the beginners on how to play the game, it will be mainly focused on the basics. Here is a list of the instructions, you need to follow as a beginner.

  • Pick a card and drag it to the battlefield. You will be given three random cards from your deck. If you want to read the description of the card, then you might want to hold it to see it.

Minions need one turn to start attacking. This was the description of the first card, you will be summoning. The spell damage 1 increase spell damage by 1 as well. There will be three main attributes of each summoned minion.

  • The cost of mana points will be shown on blue color on the top left corner.
  • On the bottom left corner, you can see the attack points shown on yellow color.
  • The health points of the minion are shown on the bottom right corner and with red color.

We have covered the main basics of the gameplay, so we have decided to move deeper through the events of the gameplay on the next segment.

Gameplay Experience

This is a turn based game, you must decide carefully for the next actions. You are supposed to end the turn once you are done with your tactical side and done with your moves, tap on End Turn button.

Use the hero ability to deal damage to the enemy. Cast a defensive spell on your minion to buff it. You can find the cards in your list and consider these options. The Mighty Heroes cheats will provide you with a boost for your deck.

  • Minions will automatically attack the targets in front. Minions are not hitting back, they will take their turn and attack you if the opponent decides to do so…

Some cards will attack your opponent directly, we meant that you will not face the defenses of the opponent. These cards are very rare and cannot be obtained easily, so the Mighty Heroes cheats will provide you with the essential resources to get it.

  • Note: You will get a free card for every level up.



Customize Your Deck With Mighty Heroes Cheats!

A deck containing only legendary cards is not necessarily better than the one with multiple card varieties.

You may get cards from Shop by purchasing them or opening packs. The Mighty Heroes cheats will provide you with both services.

  • Here you can buy more card peaks and gems. Go on, get one now…it’s on The Game For First Time!

It will be available to get cards for free and it can be used to cover the cost of the process with Mighty Heroes Hack.

Tap on cards to open them instantly, once you receive them. Each card will come with a special ability and a type. We have several elements deciding the types of cards in the game, reading the following list will help you to understand this part.

  • Wild
  • Might
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Fire

A deck must contain 30 cards. You can drag cards manually or simply tap on Auto button. You must edit your deck whenever you get the chance. Your deck needs to be upgraded and customized according to your own preference.

Your deck can be enhanced enormously via Mighty Heroes Hack!

You must be able to learn the basics of the game and understand your cards before making the final decision. Remember, you are given the time, so do not rush things and keep it smart!

How to Play?

So, once you are done with customizing the deck, it will be the right moment for you to step the game up and go for a real duel!

Rarity colors, in order: white is common, red is rare, purple is Eple and orange is Legendary. Each hero has three unique skills.

  • If your opponent’s minions has higher attacking rate than yours, then you will be at the threat of losing your defending minions and will become prone to direct attacks.

Increase your defending cards with Mighty Heroes Hack, it is the most reliable method to get strong cards. There are some other ways, which can be done by advancing higher in levels and moving from one stage to another, at this point you will be rewarded with gems, and the gems can be used to purchase packs.

The summoned minion will not be able to attack your opponent right away. It has to wait for one turn and on the next will be eligible to execute attacks.

Complete missions and achievements to earn gems and buy more card packs or heroes. You are given the complete freedom to choose from both options. And the best way to do such a thing is through Mighty Heroes cheats.

Three Unique Modes Waiting For You Inside!

When it comes to profile creation, you are supposed to pick a name at the beginning. You can change your avatar and check your profile from the PVP section.

There will be four unique modes available to choose from.

  • PVP: you are matched against other player, your internet connection must be stable and strong. Using the Mighty Heroes Hack will give you an edge over your opponent.
  • Story: follow a very solid path of different events, it will help you to learn the game events. It will help you as well to know the storyline in depth and understand the main basics.
  • Arena: it is the right place to grind up your level and move from one tier to another. You are matched in a place with more than a single player and the battle is big enough to see the pure form of Chaos.

If you have managed to participate in the beta version, remember to login every day to get one free pack. Remember, all progress and purchases made during Beta will be removed, once the final game is released.

The Mighty Heroes Hack will work on the beta version and on the final version, so do not worry and enjoy your time playing the game and open the rarest packs in the game, with a single tap!

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