Prepare your army and train your soldiers for the final moment where they will have to take a brave decision in less than 10 seconds or they will drop dead!

This is a real simulation for the battles as everything is going to feel so real like never before, start using the Military Epic Battle cheats first to remove the ads which are taking part of the game screen all the time the next thing is to increase the amount of the resoruces you having in your pocket.

The game was created and developed by one of the most respected gaming companies in the mobile devices world “Rogue Gamez” and you can be downloading it on your IOS or android Device.

Pre Battle Phase.

The battle starts when you decide so, so at the first scene before the actually battle takes place, you will be placing your soldiers in order and putting up a plane on a military map by using the number of the given squares for the battle field, so keep in mind that only the smart leader will win and proceed in the game and the stupid ones will fall down.

Open The Game Daily to Receive Them Rewards.

Make sure you vesting the game daily every 24 hours’ mark to receive special reward and it will keep increasing for each day your login in a row but once you miss out one day you will be removed from the pool and start again from the beginning.

Also if you do enjoy the game there are many things you could be doing to improve it but the easiest option is vesting the market and give it a good rating and leave a comment as a feedback, remember that the game developers will be reading them carefully to fix the bugs or maybe even improve their gaming experience as well.

Choose Between Two Amazing Modes.

The game comes in two simple playable modes the first one is the single player mode and the second one is the sandbox mode you can learn more about them by reading our Military Epic Battle guide with details as well, and now let’s start with single player mode as it consists of many playable levels and every single new level will be unlocked by completing the previous one, there are many different soldiers and tanks to use in the game, but just take a look over the bar that is located at the right top corner of the screen as it will be showing you the rank of your soldier and also your stock of gold coins, using the Military Epic Battle cheats would be increasing your coins significantly for free.


And now let’s get into the gameplay section, choose your soldiers from the right side of the screen as you can see several troops to pick up from and also tanks but each one of them has its own unique powers and abilities and of course the cost plays a major role in such a thing, so in order to invest into stronger troops and tanks you will need to be having a vast amount of coins, later on here we will be giving you some Military Epic Battle tips to know the pros and cons of each military type.

Say Goodbye to The Game Ads Using the Military Epic Battle Hack for Free!

After winning your first battle there will be rewards to motivate you and keep you up in the game for as long as possible, at first your ranking will be increased step by step until you become a general commander, secondly your battle reward coins are there for you and this is another method of obtaining the coins in the game but of course this number of coins you receiving for completing battles successfully will never come up to your standards as you needing the help of the Military Epic Battle hack as it will be removing the game advertisement and also providing you with them coins.


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