Get into the world of minions after the horrible accident that has happen when the minions queen was attacked by Moonies and their leader is called the “Bloody Queen”, now your time has come to make friendships with the minions and become their best friend in a new adventure full of fun and exciting story dialogues and events, but make sure you are using the Minion Forest cheats thus for it would allow you to get the required resources to apply the needed upgrades for your gaming experience.

The game is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS as it was created by “V8 Corporation Co, LTD”.


Game Storyline.

As this is your first time to play the game make sure you are tapping on the fresh start button as it will take you to the beginnings of the game story itself and introduce the

Adorable creatures were told to live on this amazing island, there was one human who believed in his legend! And this human is you, so prepare yourself for this amazing adventure.

This kid is looking for his book at this room, and your first mission is to help him get the required items by tapping on them.

Customize Your Own Character with Your Own Style.

Once you reach the customizations menu make sure you are entering a name for your own character, and also remember that you can edit everything in your character outfit, starting from the gender either to choose playing as a girl or a boy and on the next part the hair style and color can be changed from many offered ones, also the dress and the outfit itself, keep reading the article for some Minion Forest tips that would help you to look like a real Legend!

Travel On the Back of the Hawk!

Start travelling around in different places around o the hawk back and get the character equipped with the amazing Minion Forest cheats as it will be getting a decent amount of resoruces that you can be using to upgrade the character and improve its strengths. You will be also finding some useful information at our Minion Forest guide for free.



Join The Game as A Guest If You Have No Social Media Accounts.

You can start playing the game as a guest player or even if you have lost your guest data there is an option called Restore Guest that can be used to retrieve all the lost data, also keep in mind you can be using the Facebook connection option or the Google+ and they both work in the same way as they will allow you to send invitations to your friends or share the latest game progression to brag about between your friends on social media, and the other benefit is saving all your gaming data cloudy in case you have deleted the game or even lost your device, this option would allow you not to start over from the begging.

Use The Minion Forest Hack in Order to Create as Many Candies as You Want!


And here we are at the Avava island but as soon as you land in there the Bloody Queen has heard your footsteps and planning to go search for you and kill you with her Moonies, so make sure you are starting your mission and completing it before they reach you and capture you.

The given mission was the searching for an egg that is going to hatch a decent minion for you called momo, and now you can start making new candies with the new minion, keep in mind that the candy on the island Avana is just same as the money, they do love it so much.

Now get to the shop and use the Minion Forest hack to have enough amount of resources that could simply allow you to complete purchases from the shop and start producing candies for as many as you want without any restrictions at the game so far.


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