Let’s raise our own city and customize its buildings and style through “DROIDHEN LIMITED” new game miracle city 2, the game is defined as simulation game and it’s available on both android and IOS devices, the game comes with better graphics than its first edition miracle city, through the game you will be able to build houses, farms and establish mines. As you play you will have to make farms and sell corps to earn coins, and through the mines you will get valuable metals and sell them or use them in other fields, you can decorate your city to please citizens and make them work harder and efficiently, so let’s talk about miracle city 2 tips and miracle city 2 hack and what we will get from it.

New Design.

The new version of the game comes with new designs, decorations and adventures, and through easy moves and taps you will make an amazing city with beautiful decorations and buildings and miracles, the new designs of the game comes better than the older game, the buttons haven’t changed a lot, but there’s a huge difference in the design of buildings and characters, and with more colors and decorations you will think it’s totally different game.

Farm and Mine.

Through the game you will be able to raise farms and stablish mines to gain coins and gems, and as you build them you will get more coins and gems to use them in redecorating the city to please the citizens, or use them to make miracles that will give your city more power, you will have goals to reach and as you complete the goals you will get extra rewards, and these goals will need to build more farms and mines to reach them, and if you don’t want to wait time to complete the goals, you can use miracle city 2 cheats and you will get all what you want to reach your goal quickly, and also finish the buildings wit no waste of time.



More Happiness, More Tax.

The citizens of your city will pay more tax and work more efficiently if you made them happy, and to make them happy you will have to add more decorations to the city and the houses, and as you increase the decorations they will be happier and work harder and they will accept to pay more tax which means more coins to be able to develop your city, and if you like to make them very happy in no time you can use miracle city 2 cheats and get all the coins and gems to redecorate the whole city with the way which make them very happy and work very hard for you.

Help Your Friends.

As you play the game you can visit your friend’s cities and help them in collecting corps and mines, also you can help them by sending items and presents, and also he can make the same, and by this way both of you can raise your cities faster and easier, you can also increase your gift value by boosting it before opening it.

Miracle City 2 Hack.

As you play you will have to spend money to make your citizens work harder, and this money will be from selling corps or from the mines, so you will have to wait time until they get the revenue after the harvest time, or you can simply use miracle city 2 hack and get all the amount of coins for free and with no external cost, and also you can unlock all of the items for free and with no wait for unlocking time, and as you play you can also get all of the packages for free and with no external purchases, so you will be able to enjoy the game with free build and decoration and won’t be worried about money or resources as they will always be at your hands.

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