Use the MLB 9 Inning GM cheats to get free cash, needed to the FA market.

MLB 9 Inning GM was released on 21 June 2017, the game was created and developed by Com2us.

MLB 9 Inning GM is now available for free to download on all the Android devices with firmware of 3 or higher, the game is also available for free to download on all the Apple device through the AppStore.

MLB 9 Inning GM has in game purchases that you can buy in game cash for real money, or you can always skip that by using the MLB 9 Inning GM cheats.


An addition file is a must.

When you first download MLB 9 Inning GM and play it for the first time on your mobile device, the game will ask for an addition file to download which is about two hundred and seventy mega bites, so make sure to connect your mobile device with the local internet not with the mobile data as it will charge you for extra money, so if you simply agree just tap on the download button and wait for it to finish.


Sign up for a Hive account, to use is in MLB 9 Inning GM.

After downloading the additional file, the MLB 9 Inning GM guide will ask you to log in via the Hive account to make sure and also to secure your game progress, your data and also to receive ten cash reward, or you can simply sign in as a guest but you will not save your game progress and you will not take the cash reward as well.



Select the team of your choice before starting the game!

After signing in using the Hive account or even the guest one, the first tip of the MLB 9 Inning GM tips is to choose your team, as you can choose between the New York Yankees which founded at 1903 and won it 27 times or the Tampa Bay Rays which was found on 1998 and has not won it so far, or you can choose the Chicago White Sox which was found on 1901 and won it three times, then there is the Cleveland Indians which was found on 1901 and won it two times,  then last but not least there is the Toronto Blue Jays which was found on 1977 and won it two times, so select the team of your choice before starting the game.


Before making the team, select the batter that will be the center of your battling rotation.

Now the MLB 9 Inning GM offers you to select one among four candidates from the team which you have selected from earlier.

As if you have selected the Chicago White Sox, you can now select one from A. Eaton, or you can select M. Cabrera, or J. Abreu, or you can select their star T. Frazier.

Now is the time to select the Pitcher, as you can choose the pitcher that will be the center of pitching rotation, and as we illustrated earlier if you have choosed the Chicago White Sox, so you can now choose from J. Quintana, or you can get H. Santiago, or C. sale or their star which is C. Rodon, make sure to get the cash needed to the next market, or simply use the MLB 9 Inning GM cheats to get free cash.




You are now the GM, the players are waiting for your game plan, give them direction at the GM room.

The last thing that you will need to do is to check the founding members of your team, as you can tap each player to view detailed information about him.

After that it is the time to start the journey with the team that you have selected.



With the help of the MLB 9 Inning GM hack, you can now get new GM packages for free!

You can purchase lots of packages in MLB 9 Inning GM, as there is the new GM packages one, two and three, and there is also the daily package.

With MLB 9 Inning GM hack you can now get the rebuilding package for free.



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