Mobile Legends Adventure was created and published by “Moonton” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

The same heroes from the famous MOBA mobile legends game are gathered for a new adventure. This time, the game will be taking a different path of IDLE RPG style.

Create a clan with your friends and dive through a very interesting storyline. Having the Mobile Legends Adventure cheats by your side will guarantee you an easy success and an access to the full set of heroes.

Get Started

At the beginning of our Mobile Legends Adventure review, we would love to inform our readers that we are going to cover the main parts of the gameplay, but we will focus mainly on the features of the game. If you were looking for an advanced tips and instructions, then we would advise you to scroll down to the bottom of the article.

The game requires a stable and strong internet connection to start. We have mentioned this point as the game depends mainly on the internet signal strength, if you ever encounter some issues, then you need to check whether it is related to the game servers or your connection.

  • One second is more than enough to get you killed, and one second is enough to win you a game.

They keep on adding frequent updates at the current time, so the Wi-Fi connection is totally recommended.

  • There are several playable modes inside, it is totally your choice to pick the mode that suits your taste.

The features will keep on getting unlocked as you progress through the campaign. And the Mobile Legends Adventure Hack will provide a great assistance to you to achieve your highest potential.

Storyline Briefly…

Layla, who is training with Tigreal and Imperial knights, went on a patrol to the south of the Mnoiyan Empire as usual.

The land looks peaceful as it is supposed to be, but the lurking darkness is closing. Unluckily, Tigreal and Layla have no idea of what is coming next…

  • This was a brief about the storyline, and we are going now to dive deeper into the combat system.

You can obtain energy during battle, once it is full ultimate can be released. The ultimate will deal a very high damage, and it must be used wisely as it will not be there so frequent.

There are great rewards waiting for you after winning a mission. The rewards will be mainly consisting of gold coins, weapons, experience points, and even some new units. The Mobile Legends Adventure Hack will provide you with the same type of rewards but in a bigger amounts and there are extras…

  • Each newly received unit will be added to your list, and you can read its detailed preview and know exactly their main cons and pros.

You will be selecting the fighting team before each battle, you are having the complete freedom to exclude the ones you like and exclude the ones you dislike.



How To Play?

The battle system will get better and better as you progress forward. Starting from the second mission, you will be granted the auto battle mode. It will let your heroes do their best on the battlefield and cast special skills according to the situation.

Before the battle begins, you will be shown a comparison between your team and the opponent. It will be dictated in points system.

The first set of missions will keep on repeating and they were created originally to take you to the boss fight. The boss will have a much higher health points compared to any unit, it can deal much higher damage as well.

You have to use the Mobile Legends Adventure Hack to upgrade and improve your team for such battles. Preparing the best team you have before a boss fight is a recommended move!

  • Clear stages 6-5 or reach VIP 2 to unlock 2x speed. The 2x speed will accelerate the battles and save you the time you need in order to accomplish the given tasks.
  • Remember to add Mobile Legends Adventure Hack to your game to smooth up the expected obstacles.

Upgrade Your Heroes Equipment’s With Mobile Legends Adventure Cheats!

Your hero will come with 6 opened slots and one locked. You can start using the received items from winning battles for your heroes to increase their stats and attributes.

At some advanced stage, you can read the description of each item and realize which items suits the heroes the most. Adding Mobile Legends Adventure cheats to your equation, then you can simply equip the 6 slots instantly.

The items will increase their attacking power, attack speed, strength, health points, and even the overall crowd control abilities.

  • The more teammates, the better! You can recruit more friends at the wishing shrine.

The first summon is free, after that you must obtain summon scrolls to summon heroes. You can get them summon scrolls via Mobile Legends Adventure cheats.

It happens totally random, and you will not be controlling which heroes to get from the summoning shrine. The heroes will be rated in three stars system, so that means you are going to have a decent chance of getting solid heroes.

The summoning system is following three categories:

  • Common summon: it has the most regular heroes in the game and they have nothing special
  • Premium summon: very solid abilities and can deal massive damage
  • Friendship Summon: this considered to be a low level of hero as well, but still a unique one
  • Mobile Legends Adventure cheats should take you directly to the premium summon

We have shared the most important information related to summon shrine, we will be moving on the next segment for extra info…

Tons Of Events Are Waiting For You inside!

They have added several events to keep you attached to the game and never lose the interest as the time goes on. At the moment this article was created, we had 7 days event. You can get a 5 star heroes for each day you login and check in to the event.

Linking your social media account to game will also grant you a decent reward. All of those rewards are not even comparable with Mobile Legends Adventure Hack, but still can boost up the performance by a little bit.

  • Recruit master is an event, which requires from you to perform advanced Rally to get 1 pt each time. Accumulate the points to claim rewards in mailbox.

Moving now to Fusion Shrine. It will combine two heroes together and fuse them together to get you a brand new hero with much higher stats.

  • Note: maximum number of heroes to add to your fighting team is 5.

Always focus on selecting the strongest five heroes to your team, train them and advance them to higher level. Consistency is a very important role in this case if you ask me that is why Mobile Legends Adventure cheats would be a good idea to generate the right heroes, which will continue the journey to its end from the beginning with you.

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