Modern Combat Versus is a brand new version of the famous sequel “Modern Combat”. This time it is coming in a new shape. Actually there is no storyline to be followed, it was created only for the online experience and giving you a unique feeling, more like an experience that you would get whilst playing on the PC COD game.

Choosing the agent, practicing day and night are the main necessary keys to success and domination. As you have realized previously, this is an online game, so there is no possible way to star tit in the offline mode and it is recommended to get a very solid internet connection, any stuttering or lagging will lead to very terrible experience, and that is how the shooting online games work.

Modern Combat Versus was created and published by “Gameloft” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any device that is running Android or IOS operating systems. The minimum requirements are not that high, but still this game is considered to be a top notch game. It is recommended to have a flagship device to enjoy the full experience of the game and also to run it smoothly without lags.

Very Smart Rewarding System.

In this Modern Combat Versus guide, we will be walking through the game features and explaining how everything works in there, even the smallest parts. So let’s start by creating an account to hold on all your profile data on, there is also an option to get your social media accounts linked up with the game. some people might get worried a little bit, about the linking part. We can guarantee you totally that the game will never post on your behalf, without taking your permission. Actually the account will be only used a storage space. So all your progress and achievements will be saved over there in case you have switched the device or deleted the game. So all your progress would become easily retrievable.

The rewards are coming in several ways in this game, but mainly they are in a form of chests. These chests are considered to be main source for income according to the game developers. But with the Modern Combat Versus cheats we are expecting you to overcome this part and manage to get things done, without having to pay a single penny into the stores. Understand more about the chests system later on here.



Unlock Your Chests Instantly!

Previously we have been speaking about the chests and how it is considered to be a main income source for the developers. The fact is, when you receive a chest you will have to wait for a certain period to get unlocked and receive the rewards inside it, and also you will be having a maximum set of places for unlocking chests. Which means you cannot unlock more than 4 chests at a time, once a chest already gets unlocked, then you will be able to replace it with a new one.

Time has come to speak more about the agent selection phase and the major factors that you should be paying attention to before it gets too late. And before jumping into battle, let’s build a squad that will be consisting of three different agents. These agents are going to become the main army that will be used during the battles from now on. of course they are changeable, but it is not really recommended to keep changing the formation. It will take you a lot of time until you get used to their pros and cons, also getting comfortable with them is such a hard task. Use the Modern Combat Versus cheats to be able to get very talented and rare agents from the first try.

Balanced Matchmaking System.

Once you set up your connection and everything is set to go. Check out your connection and tap on the quick match button to get you matched against another player quickly. The matchmaking system is very well optimized. It is following the ranking system which means you are going to get matched only against players whom are similar to your skill level. This will only lead to a balanced battle and there will not be any leverage of any type. Getting Modern Combat Versus hack, could ensure you an easy and quick success.

Each team will have an overall power rating; it will be shown right next to your name at the start of the battle in numbers. The higher number the stronger the squad will be. And that is how the matchmaking works. And now as you have found your opponent. The time will come to select the squad members in 7 seconds. So be quick and prepare your agents for a ruthless battle about to start. And since you are a user of Modern Combat Versus hack, then we are expecting your squad to be very strong.




The graphics inside are very high. So consider keeping your device charged to its maximum capacity as it will drain out your battery very fast. We have enjoyed the effects of the surrounding area. And coming now into the controls section. But before we start the controlling part, we have to remind you with Modern Combat Versus cheats and how it will be changing your experience to a much improved one.

Move around using the joystick on left ornery, and look around by swiping on the screen at anywhere. Use your both hands for optimal grip. Move from one point to another in order to capture them, as this is your main mission. Aim and shoot directly at the enemies in red colors. Enjoy the auto aim system from the game as this a very helpful feature, due to the hard aiming using the touch screen.

Your agents will be roaming around the map looking for preys as well. So you should by now realize how important the squad selection phase to your success road. The weapons your agents are using will be affects by the map type. So with Modern Combat Versus hack, you will be having a huge variety of agents whom will be ready to fill in any choose.

Final Conclusion.

Following our detailed Modern Combat Versus tips would help you to jump forward in a very steady form. And once you decide to put your hands over Modern Combat Versus cheats things would start to develop and improve magically. Imagine enjoying the full features of the game and unlocking all the chests intently without having to pay a single penny through the game` shop.

Keep winning a match after match to increase your ranking and become on the top tier bracket. Your matches from this point will never be easy as before which puts you in need for the Modern Combat Versus hack badly.

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