Use the Monstergotchi cheats to get parts that have unique properties!

Monstergotchi was released on 31 May 2017, as the game was developed and created by FDG Mobile Games Gbr.

Monstergotchi is now available free to download on both the Apple and the Android devices, however there are in game purchases, but you can always avoid that by using the Monstergotchi cheats and get all the parts that you will need free.

You are the hero of Monstergotchi!

The Monstergotchi guide will play a wonderful intro that illustrates the story of the game in a cool and simple way, as once every thousand years, three planets in the Argon system exactly align with the sun, it is the darkest time as it breaks the seal to the purgatory, bringing back horrendous monsters from the past.

Among these creatures, Necromancer Zaralor the devil is the most power.

His thirst for power is endless and he impatiently waited for his chance to return and slaughter all living of the world.

Zaralor’s rotten army overran the kingdom within days and many heroes have fallen in the battle.

However, not all is lost; the grand alchemist Albras from a small town in the south has successfully retrieved the crystal of light.

A legendary artefact with tremendous power, as he is able to bring the soul of a fallen hero and fight the undead.

The tide begins to turn the mightiest hero is about to rise.

Therefore, you are the hero.

The rise of a new kingdom of peace.

Begin your adventure and create an undead body that is immune to the power of the Necromancer.

Fight back the hordes of evil and find a way to bring back the peace to the face of the entire world, do not remember to use the Monstergotchi cheats to help you through your career.


Follow the Monstergotchi guide for the best results in short period time.

When you first open Monstergotchi for the first time on your mobile device, the Monstergotchi guide will introduce Albras the alchemist to you, as he tells you and welcomes you by saying “greetings, my lord I am sorry I had to call you back into our world, but only you can save us from Zaralor! Let me show you how”



Choose your equipment carefully and study every items before purchasing.

You are a fallen hero, and frankly speaking, not exactly alive, so do not be angry, as it was the only way, you can now possess the power to create a mighty avatar to walk upon this earth again and crush Zaralor’s undead friends, the first tip of the Monstergotchi tips is to just tap on a body part to add it to your incarnation.

As you will be offer a wolf’s head to the head section which increases the damage by nice points minimum and twelve points maximum, then for the body part you will be offered with three options so choose carefully the best armor, then for the arm’s part, you can choose again between three option as we recommends the wolf’s paw, then last but not least for the legs section chose what is best for your attacking strategy.


Try to avoid the incoming damage by using parts with more armor.

The first mission that you will face, when you play Monstergotchi for the first time on your device, one of the Zaralor’s scouts found the cave, so you must defeat him before returning to his boss, so try to kick, punch or attack with your head.

Tap and hold the shield icon, which is located at the top left corner of your device’s screen to block incoming blows and hostile spells.


By using the Monstergotchi hack, you can now get free potions free!

Take the potions, if you are hurt, you can consume an Elixir of Life.

As you can always tap and hold your finger on the health bar to see positive and negative status effects, if exist.

Use the Monstergotchi hack to help you getting free potions.



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