From the general population who brought you Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and Giant Boulder of Death — the creatures are back, and they’re managing out obliteration! Pick your most loved kaiju, gather a deck of exceptional cards and time your assaults to decimate the city. Fight match players from around the globe to choose who’s ruler of the beasts. Unlockable beasts, uncommon prizes, leaderboards, competitions and more make this the card diversion to topple them all!


Open and play as mammoth, insane creatures. Each have their own particular specific MegaZone assaults, basic buffs, basic hit chance details, and rewards. Procure enough tokens winning matches and you’ll have the capacity to open them all. Encourage them your unused/undesirable cards to level them up quick and make them considerably more intense.




Each side is managed three cards (from their deck of 12) and alternates assaulting until the point that only one is left standing. Harm depends on card control, component (blue, red, green, yellow), and you’re timing on the lift minigame. Each assault constructs your beast’s MegaZone meter; when it’s full you can forego the cards and release a super fueled assault that’ll wipe the grin appropriate off that city’s face.


Pulverize contradicting urban areas to build your city’s populace and position in the week by week competition leaderboards. Regardless of the possibility that you lose or are assaulted, you’ll increase significant experience and several valuable tokens as well. Also, in the event that you win, you’ll get much MORE experience focuses and cash. Five classes (Plushy, Mascot, Monster, Elite and Boss) anticipate!

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