Maddy Newton Is Your Assistant And Will Teach You How To Play The Game!

Thank Einstein you are awake! You took a nasty hit, dr.Spotnik’s taken control of your city and has freed all your monsters! Dr.Spotnik will reply with  gah, you are still alive, are you professor? No worries I’m about to knock you back into the pre internet age! And now Maddy Newton will reply with your brain might be a little swiss cheesed from the accident, so I will help you fight, I have still got temporary control over a few of your monsters, don’t remember how? Signal furious George to teleport in by dragging him onto the map like this, punching is good, smashing is better! Activate George’s jump smash by dragging from the circle at his feet onto the DNA lab, and now Dr.Spotnik will say you destroyed my DNA lab, you won’t get away with this!

This game created by “Alpha Dog Games” and it’s avilible on Android and ios devices !!

Throw Unlimited Amount And Barbecue The City With Your Dragon!

We already destroyed your lab Dr.Spotnik, labs always have a chance to drop DNA, which you can use to rebuild your monster army, let’s turn up the heat! I have got control of your dragon, Crispin, for a moment, let’s use him while we can! You need Adrenaline to use a monster’s special powers, demolishing buildings more Adrenaline! Crispin can blast things with fireballs from a distance! Drag from the circle below him to something you would like to barbecue, use the MonstroCity: Rampage! For a countless amount of gems.

Use Your Secret Weapon Babzilla To Eliminate The City Faster!

This is taking too long, we would better use our secret weapon, Babzilla! He can level this town with his Laser Gaze! And now after destroying the bank, Dr.Spotnik will say leave my banks alone you thief! That gold is mine! But Maddy Newton will insist and will order her monsters to keep smashing the banks and power storage buildings! We can take a bunch of his money and power before we escape, and now Dr.Spotnik will get angry and shout with I will have your head for this, professor, and yours too, Newton! You will rue the day you crossed Dr. Herbert Spotnik, and with reading our MonstroCity: Rampage! Tips you are going to understand how to control your monsters.

Start The Expansion Of Your City And Construct The Different Buildings!

Now it’s time to rebuild professor, the DNA is where we grow all our creatures! We will have building sized monsters tramping around town, scaring the locals in no time, now it’s time to enter the DNA lab that is so pristine we can’t have that, we need to break this body in, why don’t we use give of the DNA we collected to create a new monster? Now tap mutagen crystal to break open! Now a new creature have been created.

It wouldn’t bother me but the townies might worry about a giant gorilla running around town all day, let’s build a monster lab to house our monsters, in there you can tear them away from the ping pong table, you can inspect your monsters here, recharge them if they are out of energy, and eventually even evolve them, ok finally it’s time to rename the city and you can always redo it anytime, and finally make sure to read our MonstroCity: Rampage! Guide to understand the game before you even start it.

Start Obtaining The MonstroCity: Rampage! Hack To Unlock New Features!

All this paperwork is starting to make my head spin, I think we need to get out and blow off a little steam, a little wanton destruction is good for the soul! Why don’t we take furious George out for a spin? We might win some more DNA while we are at it! And with it you are going to win some DNA points and to get unlimited amount of DNA points you can start using the MonstroCity: Rampage! Hack.


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