MovieStarPlanet was created and published by “MovieStarPLanet ApS” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

If you were a fan of reality games and would love to live an experience of someone you would never be able to become in your life, then this game would be your perfect fit. We do believe that MovieStarPlanet Hack will provide you with the necessary resources to grant you a complete experience of a celebrity.

You are given multiple choices in your career. Choose from being a fashion designer, an actor, or even a singer. The in-app purchases will determine a lot of factors in regard of improving and progressing throughout different game stages. However, the Movie Star Planet Hack should cover this problem up.

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We are creating this MovieStarPlanet review to deliver to you a complete detailed experience from inside.

First things first you have to create a new account if you were a completely new player, or you can use one of the following accounts to login with:

  • MovieStarPlanet
  • Boonie Planet
  • Blockstar Planet

Second phase is character creation. Now, you have all your accounts ready and set up the time will come next to create a character, which will be representing you on the shows.

You are given a complete freedom in this part, as the game is allowing you to customize every single detail of your character. We are speaking here about

  • Hair color
  • Hair style
  • Top Dress
  • Trousers style and color
  • Foot wear style and color
  • Your skin tone
  • Male or Female

Last but not least your name. If you feel like that customization is not worth your time, then you can simply roll the dice and get a random character in all of its terms. You would be only forced to pick up a name.

We would recommend you to consider adding MovieStarPlanet Hack to your future plans as soon as possible. You can learn more in this regard down below…

Welcome To MovieStarPlanet!

Meet Pixi Star, she will be granting you 4 gifts to boost you as a start. She will introduce you to the gameplay and provide a quick tutorial for you as a beginning. Remember that MovieStarPlanet Cheats will always be there to provide a decent back up to your game.

Piggy Bank is an icon located on the left side of main screen. It was created especially for VIPS and it comes with these privileges:

  • VIPS get extra starcoin and fame bonuses
  • Collect extra coins compared to free players
  • A granted access to your coins anytime
  • Reading FAQ section will have extra information in this regard

Second feature we got here is the chatting box. It was added recently in the last game update to provide an extreme powerful communication between you and your game friends. However, it is not only restricted on the players you already know, you can still make new friends using this feature.

You will get to meet a lot of players from all over the world. That is why the language of animation will be the global one.

Note: do not share any of your personal information at any cost!



Gameplay Experience

At your first levels you are only given very limited options of locations to visit. Some other places will require from you to have certain items, for example the pet park cannot be visited without having a pet.

Do not worry much about your level progression, as the MovieStarPlanet Hack will take you to the top in no time.

One of the biggest downsides so far is the settings menu and poorly modified UI. Everything is stuttering if you do not have a stable and strong internet connection. That is why we are recommending the new players to check this part first.

Apart from the pros of MovieStarPlanet Cheats, you will get to encounter an event called “Rare Week”. It is a week where MovieStarPlanet releases old discontinued items, AkA Rares. It is not a secret and there will be an announcement in the hall of the upcoming events in general.

Here is a list of the items you will find in Settings menu:

  • Help will answer most of your questions
  • Change your own password for a stronger one
  • Register your email by receiving a confirmation message and this should provide a higher security level
  • Privacy policy
  • Log out from the current account
  • MovieStarPlanet Hack should been the option number six but it is not there and can be found on our website to cover up all your Diamonds and starcoins need.

By reaching this point you should be ready to take the next big step in your career mode.

How to Earn Fame Points, StarCoins and Diamonds?

We have been receiving this question very often recently. However, the answer to it is very simple and can be achieved instantly.

Here is a list of to do tips to earn the fame:

  • Purchase VIP and earn even more fame
  • Double your earned fame with a booster
  • Spin lucky wheel and earn fame points
  • Get a decent rating from other movie stars
  • Receive autographs from other movie stars
  • When other movie stars love your Art books
  • When other movie stars love your designs
  • When you complete awards
  • When your looks are selected in create and rate

Here is a list of how to earn starcoins:

  • Become VIP and receive up to 120000 Starcoins
  • When you successfully rate in create and rate
  • When you get pets
  • When other movie stars but your looks
  • Claim your daily gifts and receive decent rewards

Now, you are fully aware on how to get fame points and star coins, but the diamonds are yet being unknown to you. Diamonds are being treated in a completely different way, you can only get them by purchasing VIP or adding MovieStarPlanet Cheats to your gameplay equation.

Final Conclusion

Movies section will come packed up with tons of movies to choose from, but they are mostly from players all over the world and you are there to give them a rating. If you have enjoyed a movie, then do not hesitate to give it a decent rating to motivate its creator.

Purchasing pets will cost you three different currencies. If you are aiming for a unique pet, then it will cost you diamonds and having a VIP membership is a must.

By reaching this point, you should be fully aware of the game principles and ready to roll on towards next stage.

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