Mr Love Queen’s Choice was created and published by “Elex” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

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Living the fantasy life of chasing your own soulmate, someone who saved your life 7 years ago and your heart still has the desire to chase him and find him. Live the journey of fulling your promise to your father. Creating the greatest TV show ever and find the funder to it, we believe that Mr Love Queen’s Choice cheats will help you in this regard.

Get Started

As soon as the game begins, you will be given three options to login into the game with. In our Mr Love Queen’s Choice review, we will cover up the smallest details. Let’s talk about the Login features and their pros and cons.

  • Facebook: it will grant you an instant access to your social media friends, you can start sharing your progress or send invitations out to them very easily. It will guarantee you a safe place to store your game data.
  • Using Mr Love Queen’s Choice cheats will work flawlessly and enhance the main abilities of the character right away. It will not get affected by the login option you have chosen.
  • Googlepaly: it will offer you nothing but a tracking to your progression and a cloud saving server.
  • Quick play: choosing the quick play will keep you safe and sound, it will drive away all the unnecessary personal information from being used. This is the safest way and it is more like the guest mode that we have seen in similar games before.

By reaching this point, you should be aware of the starting basics and ready to dive deeper through the gameplay contents.


If you ever encountered any problems starting the game, then feel free to press on the repair button located on the top right corner on the starting menu. It should be more than enough to fix the problem and reset the game to its main default settings.

Switching accounts is very simple in this game, you can do it only by doing a single tap on the logout button and here you go to choose a new account.

  • The Mr Love Queen’s Choice cheats will work on any of your accounts, it is something you should remember that it will stay on your side and enhance your gameplay experience.

Now, let’s move towards the storyline and the details of the gameplay. This is a story telling game, so you should be expecting a lot of details and still unwanted information between the lines, so we will try to pick up the most important stories that will affect your gameplay.

The opening scene is about a girl waking up from her deep sleep and she had a nightmare. She has been dreaming about an accident that happen, when she was 5 years old.

After 17 years, the memory is still so vivid, like it happened only yesterday. The story begins, as she will start searching for the boy who saved her, as she does not remember him or any details related to him.



Can’t Find A Funder? Mr Love Queen’s Choice Cheats Will Fund Your show!

The phone will ring and drag you back to the reality, as you are only 22 year old owner of a media studio, and the producer of its flagship model. The studio is barely scraping by on the back of that old show.

  • Not long ago, the studio’s sole investor was acquired by the giant Loveland financial group. Once LFG withdraws funding, the studio is sure to face bankruptcy.

Your character will move to the headquarter of the investor and will make an attempt to speak with the CEO. But the vice president is preventing you from doing this move and will be there to block any attempt from your side.

You are given the option to sign the withdrawal deal with a promise to fund your last episode, but you can also reject this offer and seek another chance.

You should choose the Mr Love Queen’s Choice cheats and reject the offer from the vice president. If you choose not to sign the deal, the game will give you no chance, and you have to sign!

Choose Your Destiny!

You can always enjoy the Auto play Feature, it will save you a lot of time and put you right in front of the decision making parts. But you must read the detailed dialogues to know exactly what your decision will be and how it will affect your future at the game.

The Mr Love Queen’s Choice cheats will always give you the second chance and back you up on any of your decisions.

Your main dream is to create the best show ever, this was your promise to your dad and he passed away. So you should start chasing this dream even harder now, and the Mr Love Queen’s Choice Hack is the ideal choice to help you with this dream.

Anna had an idea, which is bringing a giant superstar to the last episode and let the entire world know and hear about it. It will come at a great cost, and you must persuade the superstar to join your campaign.

  • Nothing is better than the Mr Love Queen’s Choice Hack to persuade the superstar in joining your team and move forward towards the next chapter.

Let’s Invite Kiro!

This is our signature show. Despite facing the axe due to low ratings, you must finish the highlight episode. Every step boosts the score, reach the standard to finish the program. This is going to become your first task.

You can always get an extra help from Mr Love Queen’s Choice Hack to achieve the highest numbers, and keep the dream alive!

The female guest demands a bodyguard. What will you do with no staff to spare? You should ask your personal trainer to fill this job as it does not require much effort.

You will run out of money shortly, and you must have enough funds to summon karma cards. The Mr Love Queen’s Choice Hack, should be there to help you with increasing your overall points.

  • There is a price for everything in life, and that is one of the main prices you will be paying. Fate has decreed, just waiting for you!

Releasing the Episode is a very critical move, as it could be your last episode ever and you have to give it all what you got. The Mr Love Queen’s Choice Hack is a very important piece in this challenge.

It will receive three stars, it is a decent rating but not the best. This is how the game storyline will take you at the beginning, this is only a tutorial for the starters.

You will obtain an expert! Experts can increase company’s strength and help with the programs in the future.

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