Fill The Pocket With Gold By Getting The Muay Thai Fighting Clash Cheats!

This is a sports game, it was created and published by “Imperium Multimedia Games” the game was released on 21 Feb, 2017.


Start downloading the game to you IOS and android devices to prove you are the best at kickboxing and Muay Thai game, also using the Muay Thai Fighting Clash cheats will provide you with a lot of gold to be used on the different stuffs to get to improve your overall skills.

Follow The Tutorial To Learn The Basic Moves And How To Control Your Hero!

Welcome to the game, follow this tutorial to the basic moves and to understand how to control your character plus reading our Muay Thai Fighting Clash tips you will be 100% ready to roll, the game provided you with an easy control system, if you want to step forward, step back, step left and step right all you need to do is to use the joystick to the direction you want to go, there are also some moves called big steps, using joystick on left side drag it more in the direction up, down, left and right to make bigger steps.

Basic punches, do the following on the right side of the screen, tap is equal to jab, swipe is cross, swipe up is uppercut and swipe down is body punches.

There are also some special moves you can do, by hitting your opponent you generate special moves, use them on the bottom right side of the screen, try it.

By pressing with two fingers on the screen you block your opponent punches, your block breaks after two hits, press the clinch button on the bottom right corner to enter into the clinch, there you can regenerate health and your body condition.

Start The Customization Of Your Character To Look Amazing In The Ring!

Drag up – down to change height and drag left – right to change the weight of your character, in order to change the body definition tap on the most suitable icon that suits you, you can also start tapping on the body to change the skin from the different colors that available in the game, and in case you want to change the gloves you can also start tapping on the different gloves, there are also a lot of shorts to wear with different colors and styles so finally choose the perfect combination to look amazing in the ring, and finally with using our Muay Thai Fighting Clash guide you will need no more info’s about the game.

Work Hard On Training Your Character To Defeat The Different Players Around The world!

There are a lot of abilities to be upgraded and to be trained, these abilities will decide if you are going to win against the different online players or not, so you need to work hard to increasing these abilities, these abilities are the health, stamina, power, defence and speed, over all points are 500, so work upgrade and get more points to be the king of the game, and to easily upgrade these abilities you can start using the Muay Thai Fighting Clash cheats.

Participate In The Different Tournaments To Enjoy The Game Most!

The most enjoyable part of the game is that you can start playing in online tournaments, in this part you can play against the different players from all over the world, there are 3 different types of plays, you fight against kickboxing fighters only, and you can fight against Muay Thai fighters only and under the Rumble you can fight against kickboxing and Muay thay fighters.

Use The Muay Thai Fighting Clash Hack To Unlock The New Features!

In this game you can also challenge yourself with the different missions to be accomplished and also the different challenges to do, but keep in mind that you cannot achieve all that easy because you will need to train your character hard to be able to get done from such hard missions, also using the Muay Thai Fighting Clash hack will provide you with the unlimited amount of gold to help you through your journey.


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