Murder in the Alps was created and published via “Nordcurrent” company and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS platforms globally.

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A novel game that will take you back in time to the 1930s, as you will be facing several challenges and cases to solve out.

The storyline is very interesting and it will get you hooked at the first moment. As you will be entering the journey of searching for the missing guest at the hotel. We will cover more of the main storyline and its details, but we have to remind you first to take a look at the Murder in the Alps cheats.

One of the great features in the game is that it will be taking you through several hours of the playtime. Usually, the storylines of the current games are very short and it is poor in the details. However, this one will shock you out.

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Gameplay Introduction

The game is coming packed up with three parts. Each one of them has three chapters. Right now, we will be starting with the deadly snowstorm part and live through its interesting facts.

You are representing the character Anna, and you are about to stay a hotel since the snowstorms are very tough.

In this game, you have to travel around from one scene to another. Tap on the illustrated items in order to enter the hotel or simply interact with the different objects.

  • Some objects my appear off-screen. Swipe left and right to see the whole scene.
  • Get more energy with Murder in the Alps cheats.
  • Move around the hotel by tapping on the highlighted letters.
  • Be smart and keep your eyes on the smallest details.

The scenarios will simply follow sketch mode, you need to consternate on the smallest details to know early what you have to do next. In addition, the Murder in the Alps cheats will boost you up with the necessary energy points as well.



Main Features With Details

Connect your Facebook account or google play to the game. It will provide you with the ability to save your progression cloudy and share your latest progression or invite your friends to play the game.

Having some friends sharing the same experience of playing the game together is an interesting feature. In addition, you can change the language of the game if you cannot understand the default language, which is English.

Do not forget about the Murder in the Alps hack service and its importance. It will not conflict with the Facebook or any other feature inside.

If you are facing a trouble with the game, then reading this Murder in the Alps tips or simply contacting the support team at the options menu.

  • Voice Over: one of the most interesting features we have faced so far. You can listen to the scenarios with a very cool tone. However, you if you are not enjoying it then enter the options menu and disable it.

If you are looking for your current progression rate, then enter the achievements section to display the list of achievements, and shows the ones you have earned in the game so far. However, you can see the locked ones and get extra help from Murder in the Alps cheats as well to ensure that you have unlocked them all.

Smart Interface

We will simplify the User interface to the readers to know exactly what they are dealing with.

  • The menu button opens up the in-game menu and pauses the game. In this menu, you can access game options, achievements, collectibles, game help, or quit the game. Your game is saved automatically. Therefore, you do not have to worry about saving it.
  • The diary button located on the top right corner will allow you to read Anna’ thoughts, find clues, and see the plot twists as the story develops.
  • The map button opens the map, and shows your location, and every possible point of interest.
  • The inventory shows the usable items you have collected in the current chapter. These items will be used in this chapter.
  • The hint button shows the next step you need to take to progress further in the game. You can use it when you are lost. A hint uses energy and must recharge before you can use it again.

Those were the main 5 points of the game, and the Murder in the Alps hack will become one of the most important targets.

The strategy guide button opens a window that will help you solve the game. If you have already acquired the strategy guide. This button opens the part of the strategy guide that corresponds to your current progress in the chapter.

Finally yet importantly, the energy bar. You have to know that you cannot keep playing this game nonstop. It will limit you through the energy system, which is a little bit complicated.

The Murder in the Alps hack should be solving out the energy issue and allow you to play the game without any limits. We are recommend you to follow this path.




How to Get More Energy?

Energy is require to perform different actions in the game. You can acquire energy by obtaining new achievements and collections, and you can purchase energy in the in game store. Alternatively, save your money and get Murder in the Alps hack.

Here are the cost of the energy points for each action.

  • Taking an object, freezing the screen in hidden object scene, picking up and using items 5 points.
  • Unlocking micro games and using hints. Micro games are puzzles solved while zoomed in. 10 points.
  • Watch comic or skip a mini game 20 points.
  • Play a mini game 30 points.

You gain one energy point every 8 minutes, regaining up to 200 energy, you should come back to the game and play every day. Make sure that you are also connected to the internet.

You may not understand what we have meant by the hidden object scenes, so we will give you more details about this part.

First, these objects will be highlighted by sparkles. In the scene, you have to find the objects are listed at the top of the screen. Object names in white indicate that they are visible in the scene, while objet names in red mean that addition actions are required before you can interact with the object.

If you are stuck, you can always use the hint button, but be advised, it takes some time to recharge. Alternatively, you can make it recharge instantly via Murder in the Alps hack.

Final Verdict

The game is simple in terms of graphics and visuals, so this means it will be played on more devices due to its low requirements.

The storyline is perfect and it is well written. However, you might get lost at some parts so you can search on the internet if you have dropped any dialogue.

The sketches are well crafted, so you will be enjoying looking at it. In addition, the UI was covered previously on here and you will not face any troubles after playing the game fore few minutes.

The energy issue has been solved with the Murder in the Alps cheats permanently.

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