A unique MMOARPG that brings a new type of gameplay, a very innovative mix between two type of gameplays. The Role playing and the open world system. And once they are blended into the divine career mode and storyline, everything will get to see some surprising changes.

The graphics quality is pretty much cool; they are not that high or that low. And the greatest thing about the graphics system, is how it will be adapting to your device specifications so far. So no matter what device you are using, the game will get to run comfortably. And we will talk more in depth about the game, so for now do not forget the Musou Glory cheats feature to cover up your entire expenses and unlock the full features of the game totally for free.

Musou Glory was created and published by “EYOUGAME(USS)” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform, and when it comes to the requirements, you can read the following list.

The game requires an android version 3.0 and up. And when it comes to the Apple devices, then you will need IOS version 6.0. We are speaking here about a very low requirement, so you would be expecting some low graphics and more concentration on the gameplay. And that is the type of games we prefer.

The Logion Options and Their Pros and Cons.

Now the first thing we have encountered in the game so far was the login features and how many options were available to choose from. So in this Musou Glory guide we will let you understand exactly the pros and cons of the login option you choosing and how it will be affecting your gameplay.

The first one is creating an EYOUGAME account and setting it as your default account for each time you will be visiting the game. And if you do not wish to get related to the game by any means then the Facebook login option is available to pick up.

The Facebook is much faster and easier to use, and do not worry as they will never be reaching your privacy and start posting on your behalf. These are the terms and conditions of the game and they are totally guaranteed.

And the last phase is to pick up a server to play in, we always recommend our readers to go for the servers which are newly created and located closer to their region as much as possible to reduce the lag. And when you enter a new server with the Musou Glory cheats, your chances of becoming legendary would be very high.



Choose Between Two Available Characters.

Make sure that your internet connection is stable enough to run the game smoothly. Everything is happening there in the real-time so you cannot miss out a single point. And the next phase is the character creation and the difference between the two characters.

A very important part of our Musou Glory tips is to give the right choice for our readers that will help them to go as far as possible without having to request for a help from outside.

There are two available characters, the female and the male to choose form. Each one of these characters is bringing a different path and different playing style from the other one and you will not be able to change it later on. So whatever you pick is going to last for a while with you.

Of course the Musou Glory cheats will help you to see these characters becoming immortals in no time but that is not our main concern at the moment. We will focus more on their abilities.

Female: Energetic girl who just started her journey: gentle and adorable. Apple in everyone’s eyes. Has the same ability as the boys?

Male: wild boy who kicks start his journey determined and brave. Sworn to wipe out evils with his sword from the planet.

If you are facing some troubles with learning their skills, then we would advise you to put your hands over the Musou Glory cheats and get things done.

A Well Explained Tutorial for Beginners.

Once the game begins, tap on the start journey button to go through the basic tutorial for beginners. And that will take you directly to claim out a reward for completing the first mission.

Flower valley is well protected, the only thing that is able to break the boundary is the sword of ferocity, it is sealed in the array above. This was the quest target. Receive the sword and keep it to fight with it from this moment and onwards.

The second mission is happening the flower valley as well. If you do not claim out the reward, then it will be claimed automatically in the 15 seconds mark. This could be faster than how the Musou Glory hack is going to save your day.

Everything in the tutorial is happening very fast and totally unpredictable, so we are feeling that you might want to consider skipping these opening parts and head directly to the real gameplay part.



Gameplay and Controls.

You can create up to 4 different characters per the account, and each one will have its own spirited path and saved progression. This is a good option that allows you expand your borders.

If you ever lost the internet connection, then it will result in losing the game connection and getting kicked out instantly, so as table and strong one is strongly advised above anything else.

Now the time has come to speak more about the gameplay and how it is working in this game. Moving around from one point to another could simply happen by tapping on any location on the screen and the character will follow up automatically.

And when it comes to the combat, then you may access the special skills and attacking button on the right corner. These are just the regular controls of any RPG so we are expecting you to find it comfortable if you have previous experience.

Your damage will be indicated by many factors, such as the type of skill you are casting and the state you are shooting at. But the strength of the weapon is playing a vital part here. Upgrade it with Musou Glory hack and slay down your enemies in almost no time.

Outstanding Storyline + Questing System.

Access the track of the quests by tapping on the continue button on the top right corner. Right there you can see the mission target and what you are supposed to achieve exactly.

The game might be boring for the starters as you do not understand anything happening around and the character is following an automated path without giving you the chance to leave your touch. Even the Musou Glory hack may not be any effective at this stage of the game.

All you have to do is to accept the items you are receiving from completing the quests and knowing how to utilize them exactly for better results.

The items you are picking can go through some advanced alchemy or crafting process that will make it become much stronger. Gather the necessary materials or purchase them through Musou Glory hack. Both options will give you the same results but one of them is much easier and faster at the same time.

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