The game events are taking place in the 19th century as you will be working as an investigator and your missions is to resolve a series of complicated cases.

You have to react according to the given items and try to be smart enough to outplay the criminal and catch him out. TheCriminal Case Mysteries of the Past cheats will provide you with an infinite number of hints without having to go through the shopping process.

Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past was created and published by “Pretty Simple” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

This is an adventure and puzzle game, so the terms of graphics and high quality visuals is not even there. It is consisting from a set of pictures and the rest is going back to your brain qualities and how it will interact with the different situations. Looking for more hints? Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past hack is at your service!

Choose A Login Method.

Start the game right away by choosing the regular play option or simply using the Facebook feature to keep the game data files safe in a remote spot. In addition, if you are feeling that everything is simply going through the right direction, then consider the regular guest mode that will skip all the introductions.

Reading our Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past guide will help you to stay put and progress with a steady step.

Your First mission.

Officer, a young woman was found dead on Liberty Island. We must inspect the crime scene in order to find clues. That is when you are required to click anywhere to investigate.

There are six items in the list below. Find those items hidden within the scene and touch them. Start by touching the newspaper highlighted on the ground below.

When you need help, it can give you a hint by clicking on the hint button on the bottom right corner. However, if you have managed to keep track of our Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past tips, you will be in no need to use the hints section.



How to Earn Extra Hints?

On the upcoming phases, we are going to let the players know the most reliable methods to earn hints in the game so far. Hints will start to let you know the location of the next item that you must be pressing.

Once you discover a clue to solve the crime. You can zoom into see the smaller items on the screen as following. Zoom in and out by pinching on the screen with your two fingers. In addition, keep track of the remaining items on the bottom side of the screen.

Always Aim To The Top Of The Table.

Completing scene will reward you with tons of score points, depending on the performance, your stars rating will vary. The useless clicks on the unwanted items will lead to a huge loss of points, also if you were consuming a lot of time.

Try to be quick and swift as much as possible, this should to become your aim always. In addition, if you are looking for extra hints, the Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past cheats will be always at your service to cover this part for you.

The Fun Is Not Over.

Gathering the evidence is not the end of the case, as you will have to go through several process such as entering the lab and start to investigate the criminal items in depth.

Autopsy will consume a certain period to be completed, that is why the Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past hack will help you with boosting up the required time and help you to see the actions happening instantly.

Now, you know that the killer is right handed and you have to go through the next phase and start tracking down the criminal and send him to the court.

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