Become everything at your new city, you will simply play as a planner, engineer, and even the mayor. Watch your city following the plan that you have placed for it, as it will grow bigger and bigger over time, your main goal should be always seeing it becoming the most beautiful and developed city in the entire Nano world, use our My Nano World Hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

My Nano World was created and published by “Nanoreality Games LTD” company and it is available to be downloaded from any Android or IOS store.

Prepare Yourself for Your First Job.

Let’s jump directly into the beginning of the game, or in other words the storyline, it is not that deep you are expecting but you should be aware of the game idea.

As now you know that the business is booming, the company is looking for someone whom is qualified to help them with the expansion that is about to happen, and the job specifications are the following: they are need someone who can build a beautiful city, collect Nano gems and make sure that his citizens are satisfied to support his business empire as much as possible.

If you think that you are meeting these minimum requirements, then you should definitely apply for this job, and download the game at the first place.

Meet Barbara.

We will skip all the parts such as the downloading assets, and entering a name for yourself because that is how the new world is going to recognize you down there. Let’s hop directly into the gameplay.

Prepare yourself to meet Barbara, she is going to become your new city assistant, she will be there to help you with almost everything, but as your first mission will begin instantly, you should be prepared to work right away.

Connect the city hall to the main road in order to give an access to everyone to reach the city hall easily without any complications. How to do that? That is what we are going to reveal next.



Connect Your City Facilities Together.

Building roads is so simple. Tap on the road icon that is located on the bottom right corner then tap the green plus sign to start building a road. The minus sign is for removing the extra parts of the roads that you do not need.

And now as you have selected the operation that you would love to do, just draw where you want it to go with your fingers, then tap on the green check mark if you are satisfied, if you want to discard what you have just done, then the x red mark will simply do it.

Your Population Will Control Your Income.

Connecting roads is not the end of the day, actually there are far more important things you have to apply in your city in order to progress forward and make your city great again.

Let’s move into the next part which is building residential buildings for citizens to move in and start making your city to look alive. As a start, the studio apartment building will do the job, we are not looking for anything that is so fancy since the resources are still on their starting phase. Building the studios will be done with the same way that you have followed in order to get the roads ready, nothing is special there.

Smart Ways to Increase Your income.

By reaching this point, you should be aware of the game basics, but you still not aware of how to increase the city income. There are several ways to do so but we will only give you the most sufficient ways and the easiest among them.

As a start, you should be aware that constructing residential buildings will increase your population and tax Revenue, but there is an easier method which is using our My Nano World hack, cheats, tips and guide. This is the most guaranteed method for success and to see cash flooding into your deposits.



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