Narcos: Idle Cartel Hack is one of the most tools our fans asked for in our channel, so here we go! Narcos Idle Cartel was created and published by “Tilting Point” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played through Android and IOS platforms.

Get ready to live one of the most thriving cartel business experience and become part of the NARCOS story. You will start the game as a partner of El Patron and your life will change upside down.

We have created a small helping tool to keep you on the right track of successful progression and also to fund up your journey. However, you can always find the latest version of our Narcos Idle Cartel Cheats downloadable link over here…

Key Features

  • Build Your Own Empire From Scratch
  • Join the Narcos life and jump from one challenge to another
  • Upgrade New Characters continuously
  • Enjoy multiple of global Events
  • Narcos Idle Cartel Hack will always be there to fund your operations
  • Undercover cops will always be there on your tail

By reading the given information above, you should be ready to progress through the various missions and learn more about gameplay in depth.

Get Started

First thing to do in the game is agreeing to the newly updated Polices.  Moving next to Chapter 1 “Mi Casa, Su Casa”.

When your father died, you inherited the family estate. For the first time in five years, you found yourself back in Colombia.

You must be in need to know exactly what these strange people are doing exactly in your family property. They are here to continue your father legacy as they knew you already when you were a small kid.

Cockroach is your new mentor from this point:

  • Follow all his instructions
  • If you have any questions feel free to ask him
  • He is your link to the outside world and Narcos Family
  • Fulfil his agreement with your father before he passes away
  • Your father was in a great debt and that is when you should realize to use Narcos Idle Cartel Cheats in order to pay it back

There is always different ways to make money in this game. You should learn on how to use the products in your backyard to make a fortune with the help of Cockroach.

Unlocking new items will take you from one level to another. However, your first mission is to get workbench unlocked and receive a machete as a reward.

Machete can be sold for 10 coins. Do not forget to collect your Rewards for completing the given goals.

Time To Hire New Workers

The process of hiring new workers is very simple, read the following steps to learn exactly how it gets done.

  • Tap on the Stockroom
  • Deliver resources to the workbench
  • Tap on the workbench worker to make products
  • Tap on the market transporter to collect the products
  • Increase your resources significantly with Narcos Idle Cartel Hack

You are now getting the hang of it. Now keep working up and increase your cash income to 660 target and a new mission will become available.

To make more money you need to upgrade your work benches and see them reach a very high level of improvement. That is the easiest way to make money alongside our Narcos Idle Cartel Cheats services.

You are limited by the upgrading levels as you have to achieve certain levels first before you can upgrade a certain workbench.

Note: the product you are going to make is illegal. Men will kill for it.  But you will be one step removed from that world you knew.

Let The Fun Begin!

Cockroach will keep you safe as he has promised your father, but you should never take a man word in this world for granted.

Link up your game with social media accounts to enjoy several game benefits. Here is a quick list of the benefits you are going to enable:

  • Instant access to your friends on social media
  • Share and brag about your progression
  • Saving all your progression cloudy will secure whatever you have achieved so far
  • Retrieve your game progression from any device any time anywhere
  • Save the received Cash from Narcos Idle Cartel Hack in a safe house

You must have an internet connection in order to watch these videos, so you should also realize that the boosting is available for a limited time.

Note: Motivating workers through video will give you 2x sales at the market.

Your mission for now is to become filthy rich and produce as many products as possible and sell them out. That is how you will create a big name for yourself in this Narcos world.

Earn Influence Points With Narcos Idle Cartel Cheats!

Managers will keep your production going, even when you are away. That is why you must hire a manager for the stockroom transporters. However, this is the only first hiring step and you must earn enough money to hire two remaining managers…

Narcos Idle Cartel Hack should be enough to supply you with the necessary amount of coins you need to upgrade and hire any number of managers you desire.

You can track the progression bar on the top side of the screen next to the Chapter number. It will indicate you on how close you are from completing the first given chapter.

Here is the main role of each department in your workhouse:

  • Market: it will collect more produces from the workbenches
  • Stockroom: it will provide the workbenches with the necessary resources to keep on working
  • Workbenches: it is the place where the magic happens

This game does not require from you to keep it opened to progress forward. You can close it and do whatever you desire and the workers will keep on working and producing.

Note: Do not forget to claim your free gift in a briefcase every four hours.

Super Cash and influence are the main top currencies in the game. They can be used to purchase special items from the store and it is very hard to obtain them.

We do believe that Narcos Idle Cartel Cheats could help you out with the Influence points.

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Final Verdict

This game has no limits and it will keep on taking you from one chapter to another and the storyline will keep on expanding as it is very simple.

We have enjoyed playing this game as it has a different playing style compared to its competitors on the store. We are also recommending the new players to take a look over Narcos Idle Cartel Cheats services to get their gang going and make a name for yourself in a very short period.

You should understand that you cannot let the facilities run for too long. It is too dangerous, and it could lead back to the original owners and a complete chaos will happen.

However, you can always start up a new facility with the money you have made from Narcos Idle Cartel Hack.


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