Crafting your own empire from the scratch and prepare your army that will be getting out from the fortress and start raiding out your opponents. This is simply the main idea of the gameplay but of course there are way too many features hidden in-between.

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NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE was created and published by “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.” And it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE is a game that is trying to bring the greatest of the both worlds, we are speaking about an enhanced graphics quality and improved visuals, and the storyline that the game path is taking is still very addictive and will get you hooked up instantly.

The minimum requirements are pretty much high to be honest, you will need an IOS 9.0 or later to get it started, and the equal applies to the Android versions.

Main Gameplay Introduction.

This is the first problem we will be taking under the scope in this NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE guide, so keep scrolling down to learn more in depth of the gameplay and get yourself Enlighted up.

You must put a plan in order to punish this sinner for invading your base. And this will happen by first of all to fix the destroyed parts of your base and try to fix it up to become able to do strikes once more.

Part of the reconstruction processes, we would advise you as a player to start consuming the free summons the game is giving to you daily. The free summons is free as you can read and it is a very important chance to snatch right away.

Each summon is having the hence to give you a card that has a special hero or ability to be used. The first can we have received in the game was called a kakashi! And that is actually a rare card, which means not everyone has the chance to obtain it.

On the next segment we will speak more in depth about the cards and how they are considered to be strong ones or just weak and trash ones.



How to Obtain Strong Cards?

The main source of power in the game is the cards. The stronger your cards the stronger you will be during the battle phase and even when you are in the defensive state as well. You may obtain them by winning battles or taking your spin and see what the luck would bring you.

And maybe at the end of the day once you run out of all options, you might want to start spending with your credit card and purchase new cards. Use the NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE cheats to have the full control over any number of cards you want and start unlocking packs without any limits. But this option we would love to leave to the end because it might ruin the fun factor of the game.

The card has a level out of 40 but that is not the only important factor of its strength. You have to check whether it is common, very common or maybe even rare and there are other conditions beyond the rare in the game. It is pretty much hard to obtain any of them with the regular basis.

Understand Your Cards.

Here are the main attributes of the cards you will be receiving, read the following list carefully and follow our NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE tips.

  • HP: the health points are the indicator for the card or a hero surviving state.
  • ATK: the attacking damage and how strong will be the output damage from this card.
  • DEF: the defensive points were created to show you how strong your card can stand on the battlefield and surviving. The higher the defense means this card has the potential to lead the front lines and block out the incoming attacks.
  • CRI: a shortcut for the critical damage preview. A single critical hit equals 3 normal hits combined together.

By reaching this point, we believe that you are fully aware of the main attributes of each card you will be getting from the NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE cheats and ready to move on your own to the next phase.

Some packs will contain more than a single card and that is an obvious thing. These are the most expensive ones and of course the NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE hack is the only way to put your hands on.



How to Start Off Strong?

This is going to become your most visited section of the entire review, as we will manage to gather all the most valuable information we have seen so far that will majorly affect your gameplay and give you a solid boost at the beginning, and of course this is apart from NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE cheats powers.

The first thing is to save the gems, never spend them on anything unless it is urgent. This is the ideal way to keep the gems for the future and get yourself to see a huge upgrade happening.

Using the coins for the expanding process is the right way to do it, maybe if you are getting NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE hack then the gems may not be considered as a problem to you, but for the others whom are not using it. It is advised to save the gems.

Always upgrade your restaurant production to the maximum potential raise. This is also another way to secure yourself an easy income. Having the patience and the time to wait for the upgrading process to be accomplished is the optimal way to go through as well.

Combat System Explained + Advanced Tips.

Always try to keep track of the latest upgrades you are applying into your world, because you do not want to waste any more time. Once a certain process is accomplished, start instantly a new one and get it done though.

Cover the cost of any upgrade with NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE hack, and that is available by clicking on the link up above and totally for free.

Moving now a little bit deeper into the battle system and a quick explanation of how to looks like from inside. The attacking buttons will be located on the bottom right corner, and it is including the different special skills and attacking abilities. On the opposite side, you can see the set of characters and each one will have a health bar indicator to let you know how well recorded they are.

Increase the pool of heroes you have by putting your hands on NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE hack and getting some unique packs unlocked.

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