One of the most outstanding games when it comes to the graphics part, the engine that was implemented to deliver these high visuals and effects is actually a fine choice, also the gameplay and battles in the sea are actually very innovative but let’s not forget the importance of Naval CreedWarships hack, cheats, tips and guide on keeping you alive.

Naval CreedWarships was created and published by “ZLOONG” company and it is available on Android and IOS stores.

Quick Introduction.

Game begins with an interesting cinematic video that shows you exactly how the battle is going to look like, and here is our quick recommendation for you before reading this review or even downloading the game. You must make sure that you are owning a flagship device because the game graphics quality is way too high, so anything lower than a high end device, you will be experiencing screen stuttering and continuous lag so this would be simply an unplayable experience.

Moving next to the role creation, pick up a decent name that is consisted of 2-12 characters and you have to make sure that you are picking up the right name as no swearing or bad words are allowed, and on the other hand, if you cannot think of any name to give to your main character inside, then feel free to tap over the random name generator and repeat the action until you find a name that you would feel comfortable with.

Right now we are done with giving our readers a quick introduction to the game, and the time has come to dive deeper into the action and gameplay and that is what you should be expecting to find on the upcoming parts.

Choose The Right Graphics Settings.

Since we have mentioned earlier the high graphics feature of the game, so this may not be an advantage to the most players and many of the are experiencing lag still and delay in the actions, that is why moving right to the middle or low quality could be an option to those players whom are seeking the longer battery life and smoother fraps per second.



Welcome to Naval Creed!

Let’s go through some training before entering a real battlefield, as we do believe that this is the optimal way to learn the game controls and become aware of the battle mechanism.

Tap over the battle button as it could be found right at the front in red color, as it will be taking you directly into your first training session.

Right in the battlefield, for your first time, everything will start to look very frustrating as the options and functions are way too many plus you have to give all your concentration to the radar located on the top left corner in order to reach a point that has no turning back, keep reading to learn more.

Battlefield Instructions.

You can see your ship clearly located right at your bottom part of the screen, and on the left corner there will be navigation arrows to move the ship or the firing cannons to different directions and targets, now you can move the ship from point A to B.

Coming now to the firing system, it is very simple and actually we have enjoyed it so much because you will simply aim with the cursor shown right at the front, and once you think that you are ready to fire out the first bullet, then simply tap over the attack button which will have the HE icon, and trace the rockets on their way to the target in a close cam option.

Upgrade Your Ship for Higher Challenges.

Sometimes you will have to increase your ship firepower, and this could be done only at the port and with enough funds, that is when the Naval CreedWarships hack, cheats, tips and guide shall come out to the light and offer you its service of upgrading and improving the ship freely.



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