NBA 2K Mobile Basketball was created and published by “2k, inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

You must have a high-end device to run the game, as it will take 4GB of ram and that is enormous number. Also remember to keep the NBA 2K Mobile Basketball cheats active to save your pocket the suffering.

Quick Info

The game has finally made its way to the smart phones that is something many people has been waiting for it. It has taken about a year to become playable and optimized.

The game requires from you to have an internet connection in order to get it running. In addition, once the game begins, it will take you directly towards the options menu.

At the settings menu you can customize the Music, SFX and change the account you would love to use for saving the game progression or linking anything related to the game to the outer world.

  • The Facebook is included for sure and you can log out from it if you ever felt you need to end this relation.

One more benefit from using an account as a login solution. If you lose this device, you lose this account. However, with the alternatives such as Facebook and game center, you can always access the account again form any device.

Get Started

As the game begins, you will be directed to the name creation. Make it small and simple there cannot be any special cases.

Next step is to pick a favorite team. They are split among the Atlantic division, the central division, and the Southeast Division.

  • In our NBA 2K Mobile Basketball review, you should be learning all the necessary information about the available teams as this should make your selection to the teams much easier.

The next part will be based on getting players for your team, but that will be mainly running around NBA 2K Mobile Basketball cheats…



Get Rare Packs With NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Cheats!

The players will usually come in card pack form, so as any other game that is the fastest and easiest way to make profit. Enter the shop…purchase the rarest card packs and keep opening until you create your own dream team.

The NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Hack will be very good in this regard, but we are planning to illustrate to our readers the various ways to obtain cards beside these two main methods.

  • Winning challenges will reward you with players.
  • Completing missions will reward you with players
  • Winning tournaments and events will reward you with players.

As you can see, there are several ways to get players other than the NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Hack, but it is still the fastest and easiest.

Know Your Players

The players are coming in the stars rating system and there will be an overall points rating to show you the ability and power of the player you are about to pick.

Each drill is assigned a player position and may drop items for that position. This part is related to the ball movements.

How to Play?

On a side note, the game will usually take longer than you are expecting at the loading screens, so you better have patience and wait for it to complete.

  • The shoot button is the first thing you will learn here. Tap and hold the shoot button to take a shot. Release the button when the line is at the top of the meter for better accuracy.

There will be a meter appearing next to the shooting player to help you with determining the shooting power. Too much power is not good either the too low. Always aim for the green spot.

If you use the NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Hack to get high quality players, then your chances for having a perfect shot will increase.

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