Welcome to one of the most promising surviving games out there in the mobile world, it is a very very hardcore surviving game, as you will be getting out of the chamber and your main mission is to survive with the given items, actually you will be given nothing and all you have to use is the collected waste all over the place, and with our NEO Scavenger hack, cheats, tips and guide we are pretty sure that you will be completely safe and secure from any possible threats.

NEO Scavenger was created by “Blue Bottle Games, LLC” company and it is available of course on any Android or IOS store.

A Very Scary Experience!

A very hardcore post-apocalyptic game, as nothing is called normal in there and you have to do all the necessary precautions in order to survive. We are speaking about some surviving methods such as boiling out the water before drinking it because nothing is working anymore, so the water is totally polluted, and there are several things which are very interesting for the ones whom in love with this idea, and it would be scary for the other ordinary players of course.

To be honest with you, this is not the most visceral game to be a spectator of, it is kind of more story driven, as you will not be seeing anything pleasing to your eyes, nothing but chaos and destruction and mainly the grey color is taking over everything with the ashes and dust of war.

So let’s head right into the new game experience, and our mission here on this review to give you a complete detailed report about the changes and everything how it looks like from inside.

And right inside there, you can see a very complicated list that is holding out all your perks and flaws, you can learn more about them in the upcoming segments.



Pick Up the Right Skills at The Start.

Sometimes in the building phase, you have to get as many perks as possible but in return the flaws will be increasing, so it would make complete sense if you have managed to reach the optimal balance between the perks and flaws, get as many perks as possible by reducing the flaws to its lowest number ever possible at the same time, and that is exactly how the game works and how you will be surviving in the chaotic world.


Actually, there are not a set type of playing style you should be preparing yourself for, as the game is changing quite fast, and the pace and materials which you are going to face are totally unstable and changing for each map, in other words, we meant that preparing yourself for the unknown is something impossible so simply pick up the assets which could make you feel comfortable with, no matter what you are about to face.

One of the most favorite parts of the game is the trapping skill, this is as far as I’m concerned was meant for trapping animals and using them as a food and other sort of usages, this is essentially as your survival skill.

There are actually several trapping methods to catch animals rather than picking up the trapping skills, such as doing the sounds of a squirrel trap and many extras.

Set Up Traps to Catch Animals for Surviving Purposes!

As one of the surviving methods you should be aware of, is using the caught animals and cutting them into small pieces which you could use some of these pieces a sort of trap to catch others, or maybe use the wool as coats to keep you warm during the winter, we have found that pretty useful and something we could depend on.

We have missed the combat system totally in this review and that is coming back to several reasons, but we can assure you that with our NEO Scavenger hack, cheats, tips and guide you will be facing no problems at all when it comes to winning a combat.



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