Yes, this is a free game and you can still enjoy tons of features and contents of the game without paying a single penny, but that is not everything. We are trying to help our readers to have a complete access to their favorite games and enjoy every single moment spent…

Catching Nexomons is a fun thing to do, the game is offering you over 300 Nexomons to catch, but you will not have a complete access to the full game unless you pay money, and at the same time the Nexomon, cheats will offer you the same service but this time free!

Nexomon was created and published by “VEWO INTERACTIVE INC’ and it is available for everyone to download and play it on their Android and IOS platforms.

We do not have much to say about the graphics department of the game, but we can only say that the game is satisfying and it has what it takes to kill your time and still enjoy the visuals and combat effects.

Some games tend to focus more on the graphics and totally forget about the gameplay content, but that is not the case in this game. Get the Nexomon hack ready and walkthrough the different parts of the Nexomon world enjoying all of its features.

Get Started!

This is going to become the first thing you will ever encounter, creating the character by entering a name and selecting the gender is all what you need.

There are no differences between the available genders, so you will not get anything wrong with picking anyone. The next phase will be the storyline with few pictures to describe the whole situation.

Defeat The OMNICRON!

Defeating the OMNICRON should become your main target in the game; whatever you are doing in the gameplay must lead at the end to gather enough powers to destroy this evil villain.

It is not going to be easy at all, and nobody said such a thing but the Nexomon guide would help you through the different parts of the game and take you in a very simplified list of instructions.



Storyline in Four Lines.

The main story will begin with a young and a normal human child sleeping on his bed and has no idea about what is going to happen for him. That is the main starting scene and you must not get used to the regular life style the character has as it is about to change dramatically.

Get to meet your father, as he will introduce you to the different techniques to be used in the game and let you have a complete knowledge about the danger that is threatening the human’s life.

Having the set of Nexomon tips ready to move from one stage to another successfully should become the number one priority.

Select Your First Nexomon!

Picking up a Nexomon at the beginning should not become a difficult thing, as the Nexomon cheats will offer you tons of ways to catch Nexomons at the advanced parts with complete ease and comfort.

This is the main attempt from our side to enhance the gameplay and enrich the experience. Nexemons are more like Pokemons in every part, but this is just another version with a different story to experience.

Train Your Nexomons.

Your Nexomons are the main represent for your powers and skill levels, this might be a very stupid thing to do as the main players tend to focus more on the character itself, but in fact the Nexomons will save you tons of times as you move through the storyline.

Complete missions with a decent performance to increase your income and cover you are spending or get the Nexomon hack as an alternative to the hard work and dedication but still you will be enjoying the game.

Covering up all the upgrade costs and watch your power rises to the bar with the villain!

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