Fight for the human’s existence by eliminating the dangers of the OMNICRON. Explore new places and collect as many as Nexomons as possible. Expand your team and learn new skills as you get to experience a new challenge every day. Do not forget the importance of our Nexomon hack, cheats, tips and guide with increasing your powers significantly.

Nexomon was created and released by “LIME TURTLE, INC.” and it is available on the Android and IOS platforms.

Outstanding Storyline.

Long time ago, this world once belonged to us, the humans…we were the rulers and masters of this land in this era. But then on one fateful, everything changed. From the high heavens descended an unspeakable evil…a creature, a monster that is ready to destroy anything. He proclaimed himself as Omnicron, the king of the Nexomon!

This wicked behemoth threatened to engulf our humanity into darkness, and that is such a frustrating thing, everyone started to flee away. With one shattering roar, an eternal war between humans and Nexomon began… over centuries of violence…humans learned how to tame and befriend Nexomon! And use them to fight against Omnicron himself.

Then in the midst of a dark age, one brave human warrior rose against all odds. And with the help of his Nexomon companions, he defeated Omnicron. The war ended, and centuries later, we live in a peaceful world, along with our Nexomon friends. For Omnicron`s darkness, was forever destroyed. Or so we thought.

This was the end of the storyline of the game that is behind the creation of everything, so on the next segments, you should be expecting to learn more about the gameplay itself.



The Return of The OMNICRON!

This is the end of your journey, champion of mankind. His ascension has been set in motion millennia before you were even born into this pretty land. No one may ever overcome Omnicron, the almighty kind of the Nexomon!

These words were out from the Nexomon king himself, as he is planning to give an order for all his kind to arise from the ashes of our world, he is back one more and ready to become even stronger than ever. But all of these events that we have mentioned earlier, were just in a dream of a young and normal human child. Little does he know, his life is about to change very soon.

Gameplay in Depth.

Now, you are aware of the storyline and the idea behind the creation of this game, so the time has come to move little bit closer into the gameplay. Move around using the directional joystick on the left corner of the screen, and actually to be honest. You could simply use it from any point of the left side.

Interact with your family members and other people in your city, by moving right close to them and start tapping the A button.

Final Conclusion & Beginners Tips.

The Sounds in the game are not very interesting, they are actually brining the old style that we have used to see in the old SEGA games. This Is very annoying, that is why disabling the game sounds through the options menu is such a necessary move, that every new player should be doing.

The first battle begins outside of your house, as some ninjas will decide to attack ELLIE to steal the robot which your father gave to her, so prepare yourself to start the battle and get ready to become strong and trustworthy enough.

At this point, you will realize that you are not an ordinary kid, you are actually stronger than anyone could have expected. Use our Nexomon hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will be helping out with allowing you to purchase any type of Nexomons in the game, also the idea of getting whatever you want to be fully purchased instantly is such a good thing to be honest.



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