If you were a fan of the Manga, Anime or maybe even the famous Characters in the Japanese world, then this game would be the perfect fit for your needs.

Enjoy the quality gaming experience and take part in the defense of the village from Madar attacks. Do whatever it takes to keep the village safe and sound. You can unlock new ninjas and add them to your team as you progress forward.

Check on your mailbox after using the Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend cheats to get resources, as it will be sent right there in a gift form.

Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend was created and published by “EPSO Gaming” company and it is available at Android and ios for the players to download and play very free.

You are not only fighting and going through struggles in the game, there is also enough time for you to train your ninjas and keep them on the top form. That will be taking us to the Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend hack and its abilities.

Beginner’s Guide.

The first that comes to our minds when we start reading the Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend guide is a complete set of information about the game and a reveal to the hidden features including the hardest ones.

We have decided to bring all these information into your table and provide the readers with the right information that they are looking for in a review. So let us skip out all the unnecessary begins and head directly to the gameplay.

Selecting the server that you will be playing in is such an important move. Most of the new players tend to make a mistake when it comes to the server selection and you have to avoid them since you are reading our Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend tips. There are two main attributes that you need to keep them in your mind.

  • The server must be new.

The new servers will always give the new players an equal challenge, you all will be starting together from the beginning and no one will have an edge over the other.

  • Choose the nearest server.

Picking a server based on its location on the map is such an important move. The server needs to be located as close as possible to the country you are living in. it will offer you a much reduced latency and high percentage of powers.



Welcome To The Village Of Konoha Ninjas.

The first scene is going around a fight between Madara and lee. Madara is trying to steal the village and threatening to burn the village down. This cannot go easy on the compatriots…that is why Lee has decided to take a stand and stop madara from burning the village down.

You will be given a set of heroes at the start of the battle; each one will come his own special attacking techniques and abilities.

It would be a cool move if you have decided to use the Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend cheats to unlock the special powers and abilities that your characters have. Remember it is mostly a turn-based game, so there is no chance or a room for mistakes.

After few moments of the battle, your characters will gain the special points and manage to fulfill the bar up. That is when the time will come to tap over the hero icon and activate the super power. Read the next segment to know how it works.

Activate Your Special Powers At The Right Moment.

The special abilities will deal unusual damage output to the enemies once activated. That is why you have to use the powers carefully and save it for the right moment to unleash wrath over the enemies.

Lee: scattering tears with sweat, training hard every day everywhere. He is a very reliable human shield who earned no fame until a late age.

This is the first ninja you will be getting in the game so far, you might get extra ninja with the help of Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend cheats as well.

You can also get new ninjas be visiting the scroll store from the main menu and start testing out your chances and unlock them new ninjas. They are divided into three categories; each one of them is packing a level of ninjas, which are ready to compete on the top tier levels comfortably.

Of course, the high tier ninjas will cost more than you are expecting, and the Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend hack might manage to handle the cost.

Naruto: the forever foot dragger in his class, with will of fire burning, dreams to be a hokage. As the core fighter in his team, his abilities of attack, defense and control are well balanced.



Become A Hokage!

Most of the main feature in the game will only become available after reaching certain levels. They are available to check on them but using them for your own purpose will be moved into a completely new story.

Enter the main quest path and jump from one mission to another to experience new events and keep following the storyline with all of its details.

Select the team members before the mission begins, and read the full description of the enemy units and powers carefully. Select the right ninjas that will become a good fit into the battlefield. In addition, if you cannot find enough ninjas, then activate the Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend cheats and get new ninjas right away.

The maximum number of ninjas is five per the battle. In addition, try to be as quick as possible because there will be given a time limit and you have to accomplish the mission in the given period.

Surviving for way too long might also work as an alternative plan to fighting the enemies off and keeping them out from your health points.

Final Verdict.

Winning battles and completing the missions will not only reward you with gold coins. There will be gears being added to your inventory and it would be a smart move to start equipping your ninjas with those items.

The Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend hack will give you the most legendary ninjas in the store and you are not paying a single penny. But it would be your turn to upgrade their powers and help the ninja to reach new stage with new targets.

Most of the gears will work on increasing the Health points in general, Physical defense, Physical attack and the Chakra as well.

Check on the challenges list to know what you are supposed to do and what will be the reward. The harder the mission, the bigger the reward will be.

Do not forget to claim your daily reward of diamonds, and check on the daily global missions as well. In addition, if you were looking for extra diamonds, then the Ninja Rebirth – Monster Legend hack will do it for you.

Check on your mailbox frequently as there could be some cool gifts waiting for you in there, also you might find the latest news about the game recent patches written in there.

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