Enjoy racing all over the world in a new form, as you will be using animals riding over motorcycles and if you ask me, that is strange as well. Enjoy doing some amazing back flips in the air and use boosters to reach your target in almost no time, do not forget our Nitro Chimp Grand Prix hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to upgrade and improve your bike quality.

Nitro Chimp Grand Prix was created and published by “Thumbspire” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost every Android or IOS platform.

Quick Introduction.

Another regular once touch racing action game, but you will actually get to know why this game has been breaking records in the past couple weeks, so stay tuned and keep on scrolling down through this review.

At first, you should know that there is an option to get your Facebook account right into the game, which will open few features for you, such as sharing your latest progression or bragging about such a record, maybe even send out invitations to your friends from all over the world, and also your game saves will be stored directly in there, which provides another level of security to your game.

Right now, you should know that if you want to be the best, you have to start with the basics, do not worry as we have covered everything that is related to the gameplay, and we will be teaching you the ropes, start by tapping on the map point to start your racing lessons.

Simple and Smart Controlling System.

At the gameplay, you should be prepared since this is a three lane racing game, so changing from lane to another will happen once you decide to swipe on the left or right direction, your main goal is clear, collect as many gold coins as possible on your way to reach the finish line. Sometimes there will be obstacles and missions that you have to complete whilst you are on your way to the finish line, and this could be done by simply following the instructions shown at the quest menu.

You might think that the fun has ended at this part and nothing interesting is coming up next, but you are totally wrong.



Enjoy Doing Backflips While in The Air!

During the racing phase, you will get to fly in the air and this is going to be your best opportunity to perform flips, this could be done by simply making circles with your fingers on the screen.

Each flip will help you to increase your score points and increase your ranking level, and do not forget to drive by the speed booster’s stickers on the floor, once you pass over them with your bike, you should be expecting to see a huge increment in the speed that will give you a boost in confidence and speed at the same time.

Boosting Techniques.

Do not forget to pick up the item boxes on the sides of the road, as it will grant you an extra feature which is coming in form of attacking balls, or increasing the speed ridiculously, maybe even set up a trap behind you so the other races would end up falling into it, this is the fun part that we have enjoyed the most about playing this game, on the next parts we will speak more about the technical parts of the game and how important is it to upgrade your bike.

Understand The Bikes Mechanism.

Each bike you are going to purchase will have three main indicators to its attributes, the speed, acceleration and turbo, you can apply upgrades to them but that is not the most important part, since no matter how much you will be spending on upgrades, each bike has its own limit and it will not exceed it at any situation, that is why it is advised to invest in one of the top tier bikes using the funds from our Nitro Chimp Grand Prix hack, cheats, tips and guide.



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